DETAIL, Inside Front Cover of Book - Ink & Watercolour by LRP
DETAIL, Inside Front Cover of Book – Ink & Watercolour by LRP

“You Come From Good Blood.”


Over and over, Grandma Kincaid told us, “You come from good blood”.

She wasn’t telling us that we had blue blood, but that we each had the innate strength to pick ourselves up when we fell. She was telling all her large family that much was expected of us and that we could overcome any obstacle with the grit and perseverance in our genetic make-up.

‘You come from good blood.’  The simple, repetitive litany made me feel proud and reluctant to disappoint my family. It inspired me. I believed it. I descended from generations of strong, hard-working, mostly honorable (but inevitably flawed) people.

Knowing I came from ‘good blood’ allowed me keep my head above water when life’s difficulties were shoving me beneath the surface.

LRP 2006

Journal Sketch - Ink & Watercolour by LRP
Journal Sketch – Ink & Watercolour by LRP

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”  


My Genealogy Search

I long believed it was necessary discover my own roots and those of my husband. This was possibly, in part, due to Grandma’s teaching. But, also, when I began to have children of my own, I knew I needed to discover which of my ancestors’ genes were replicated in me and in my descendants. Knowing the past, helps us understand the present.

In my four genealogy volumes, I wrote a note to my descendants, present and future. It read, in part:

“My wish is, that learning about your ancestors will enrich your lives and give you insight into some of your own traits and feelings. My hope is, that knowing your lineage will give you a sense of belonging. It will help you feel less alone in this increasingly impersonal and madly rushing society, and where nuclear families are often scattered throughout the world.”  

The stories throughout GOOD BLOOD depict moments in time, moments in the lives of my family, past and present. The stories are primarily about women … and a few men.  I am in love with their stories.

“Listen for other voices in the Cosmic Fugue.”


I have listened for other voices and recorded some of them, and I have felt the impact of those voices in my life and the lives of my children. We better know ourselves when we understand (or try to understand) others.

Courage, resilience, a sense of humour and a positive attitude are repetitive traits found in most of the following stories. Their voices illustrate that courage is often required in the extraordinary as well as the most banal moments of ordinary lives. Without it we are lost.

Listen.    And read …

Linda Robertson Paupst . August 23, 2001 . rev 2013 .

 Genre of ”GOOD BLOOD”

 is Creative Nonfiction 

That means I have augmented and embellished the accounts of the lives of family and ancestors in order to create hopefully interesting stories filled with their thoughts, emotions, intentions. I have changed the names of the charactors to protect the innocent and the guilty.

I do not mind my washing being hung out to dry (see my Memoir, “Decades”, for that), but others may not feel the same way.

Journal Sketch - Ink & Watercolour by LRP
Journal Sketch – Ink & Watercolour by LRP



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