MY TURN TODAY, YOURS TOMORROW . ‘Decades’ . A Favourite Poem by LRP .

Beach Sand

Photo of our gorgeous Wasaga Beach Sand – by LRP



I am loving my life journey

The warmth of spring sun

A breeze whispering its

Secrets of life, of eternity.

It will be over soon. All this!

Blue skies and dreams,

Thoughts .. percolating, creating

In colour or black and white.

It is powerful to contemplate

The idea of my story ending.

Tho’ not yet done, I know it will continue

In my loves – my family, my art, here.

Thoughts of my life ending

Begin to take more space in daily imaginings.

‘My turn today, yours tomorrow’

Is a consolation of sorts.

Taking turns at life …

My children, grandchildren and theirs

Each need their time

In this always amazing world.

I must not selfishly want to stay forever

Will I be able to watch you after I am gone?

I hope so

You know I don’t like to miss a thing.

Wasaga Surf



2 thoughts on “MY TURN TODAY, YOURS TOMORROW . ‘Decades’ . A Favourite Poem by LRP .

  1. Thanks so much to all who have taken time to read, like, or comment. Tell me – how does everyone find time to respond to email, land line, cell, Facebook, twitter messages & heaven knows what other social media, and still have time to do your job, housework, read blogs, write and whatever? I haven’t mastered all that yet, and feel guilty that I have not yet read each of your blogs.

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