WASAGA TRILOGY . ‘Decades’ . 3 Poems by LRP .

Fuschia Star Magnolia . Ink & Watercolour by LRP .

Star Magnolia – Ink & Watercolour by LRP


No sharks
No leeches
No reeds
Only fresh, clear water
Soul-warming sun.

Undulating wave patterns on firm white sand
Mimic the surface above, of Georgian Bay‘s aqua water.
I tread on, ankle-deep, knees kissed
sand bar raises me up, then down.
On and on, nipples caressed.

Wind and waves create white turbulence
My body thrills by their power.
I bounce and sway to water’s rhythm
Laughter escapes my tightly-wound core.
Simple life pleasures.



As a child, young adult, I loved our lake,
Cottage life, slalom skiing, boating,
Treks through the woods to discover river source,
Pitter-patter of rain on roof,
Rolling thunder, a friend.

Fresh raspberry pies from prickly roadside canes
Laundry waving like flags on the line
Puzzle pieces scattered on table, ready for a rainy day
Dad’s stone barbecue, three succulent chickens rotating, roasting.
Simple life pleasures.

I am asked, “Why choose Wasaga Beach?”
Fourty-seven years land-locked in south-western Ontario,
I yearned for water –
Its shore, its sound, spectacular views, sunsets.
Now, I feel at home once more.


I sleep under a tree
Gentle breeze lifts branches, whispering.
Birdsong adds sweetness to nature’s cantata,
Unhurried lyrics of tweets and trills.
Exquisite beauty.

In recent years, I felt bereft
In our 10th floor condo-cocoon.
Memories of years ago cottage days
Lolling by the lake, at peace with the world –
Sadly absent from my condo reality.

But once more, I thrive on familiar minutiae …
Coffee on the back porch, Coco sleeping under my chair,
Dragging the hose to water planters
Abundant with fuschia geraniums, cascading lime, potato vines.
Simple life pleasures.



2 thoughts on “WASAGA TRILOGY . ‘Decades’ . 3 Poems by LRP .

  1. I never realized you were a poet, Linda – beautiful! You put me right into the experiences you are describing!

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