LEFT BEHIND . ‘Decades’ . My 60’s

feeding after his long flight from Central or South America

Rose-breasted Grosbeak feeding on my bird feeder after his long flight from South, or perhaps Central, America


Blogger, twenty-one year old Sophie Naz is very wise for her years.(www.TheLazySlinky.wordpress.com)                                                                     She wrote:

“In some sense now I can understand why growing old is so frightening. It’s not about wrinkles or health entirely. It may not even be entirely about fear of death. It’s a fear of being left behind…”.

You get it girl!

So I replied to her: OMG when I read that, bells went off. That is exactly what I feel. At 69 I am madly racing against the clock. Oooohhhhh, I feel a new blog coming on! Thank you.”

I have been on a treadmill for the past several years – not one of the huge black, dust collector machines, but the treadmill in my mind. I am constantly trying to experience all I can, enjoy whatever years I have left in this incredible world. I am also attempting to keep up with some of the technology of my grandchildrens’ era. This is an impossible feat, but I feel I must scrape the surface … I enjoy the opportunities and the challenges. It amazes me how I can ‘publish’ a blog and it is instantly everywhere – not just on my blog, but on Facebook (on my separate ‘writing’ page); on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. This is fascinating me. The younger generations take these new innovations for granted.

I am eager each day to see the new readers and followers of my blog. I am so gratified and amazed that people are actually reading what I write. And I am equally curious about those people, their lives, their perspectives. I am in awe of the number of writers with ‘real’ talent out there. I am buoyed by their happy experiences; I am travelling to points previously unknown to me, via the written word and accompanying photos. I am experiencing their experiences, their thoughts, and seeing parts of the world which time, or circumstance, does not permit me to  encounter. Some blogs are beautiful, some are true eye candy. What a treat.

At this point in my life that is what makes me happy. I know there are tremendous problems and hateful people sharing this life with us (there always has been and always will be) but that is not the kind of blog that will catch my eye and beg me to linger.

I have many friends and acquaintances who want no part of social media, not even email. I cannot relate. Communicating with the world is exciting now. And I am thrilled to still be alive for these experiences. After all, when I was in school, we wrote everything long-hand with a pen (no, not a quill and nib).

I remember when my parents bought the newest innovation of its time – a television. It was the 1950’s. Our boxy television had only one channel and programming didn’t begin until 8 PM. A stationary and soundless ‘test pattern’ was the only picture on it the rest of the time. (remember the Indian head within circles)

‘Test Pattern’ on early televisions, before programming began

Technology continued to advance. I remember my first Commodore computer. It was a step up from an electronic typewriter but with an ability to save documents. A few years after that, my husband bought me one of the first iPods Apple designed. He purchased it on a business trip to the US and brought it home to me in Ontario, Canada. Exciting.

My Old iPod & New Dock

Early iPod

And so on … more powerful and complex computers, my first MacBook Pro, my first iPhone, and then I felt so incredibly satisfied with my iPad 2.

So the continuum into the world of blogging is a natural progression. I love writing my thoughts, memories, dreams. I love being fascinated, surprised, energised and in awe from the wonders I experience in the writing of fellow bloggers.

I have a decade-changing birthday approaching, so I rush headlong into new adventures, experiencing as much as possible within my own little part of the world, while I am still in it!

Blogger, Sophie Naz, ‘The Lazy Slinky’, is right – I dread being left behind. I do not want to miss anything. I am a believer in the philosophy that “every day above ground is a good one”. Today is a good day … and I am blogging!

Feeding Frenzie Outside My Window

Feeding Frenzie Outside My Window – I Don’t want to miss That!



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