6 thoughts on “DREAMS & CHANGING PERSPECTIVE on AGING . ‘Decades’ . My 60’S .

  1. My Mil, at 70 was younger at heart than a lot of people half her age, and took life with a spirit that I can only envy, smiling and laughing, despite losing so much. These photos cheered me up this morning. I lost her two months ago to an accident, but these pictures remind me that I have such lovely memories of her.

    1. Hi Damyanti, It was so lovely to hear about your Mil. I am sorry you have lost her, but what a wonderful legacy she left you – such a positive, happy way of living life that you can emulate. I feel gratified that the photos in “Dreams & Perspective” cheered you up. Thanks once again. Linda

  2. I believe for some people aging is a scary evolution. Not so for you and hopefully for those who associate with you. You are a modern day Ponce de Leon.Can’t believe you will be 70 Linda because you never let ideas grow stale. You are constantly in a state of flux…always investigating a new perspective on a new idea. Thank God for you. Loved the photo of your mom and Matthew, Patty and you.

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