THIS MOMENT . ‘Decades’ . My 60’s .

Coffee time, back porch

THIS Moment

This is my very favourite way to wake up … slowwwwwwwly, with my coffee, my lap-top or iPad, a good book and my dawg at my feet. Most especially I enjoy this awakening on my back porch in lovely weather. Otherwise, the ritual is indoors, in my comfy wing-back chair or at the table.

This pleasurable interlude is a recent occurrence … relatively, after decades of being awakened early morn by my babies, being on duty in hospital for seven A.M., arriving at an early nursing appointment, or rushing hither and yon to various life commitments.

Funny tho’ how I do this now with a weight of guilt hovering. I should be cleaning or organizing, or watering and dead-heading plants, or cutting through the mountain of laundry, or creating an inspiring art studio, or I should paint or write. With all the shoulds, how in the name of all that is right with the world, is someone supposed to live in the moment? 

Sounds good doesn’t it, this living in the moment thing? Smell the roses. Enjoy whatever you are doing, at the time you are doing it. Otherwise life passes by while you are thinking of, planning for, some moment that may never come.

Reminder to self …

This Moment Eckhart Tolle



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