GRAVATARS AVATARS S.O.S. . ‘Decades’ . My 60’s .

Water Ballet, GregJr, smaller image copy

‘Water Ballet’ . Watercolour by Linda Paupst



I so appreciate my blog ‘Community’ and all my ‘followers’ and those of you who have ‘liked’ or taken the time to read my blog. And it is reasonable to assume that there is a quid pro quo involved here. If you like my blog, I should take the time to read yours. I get it.

So, even though time does not allow me to read everyone’s, every day, I regularly click on various ‘likers’ and ‘followers’ but I run up against technology inadequacies … MINE. You young un’s have to understand that most personal (as opposed to online) friends and acquaintances my age, are either not interested in writing, or not confident enough with blogging, or computers in general, to create a blog. I have only four followers who are personal friends with their own blogs.

What I am trying to say is that I have worked at, and enjoyed, and been frustrated with, many aspects of technology. I am trying to keep current. It is automatic for those of you who are decades younger, or technology-inclined, but not pour moi!

I have sort of conquered the blog terminology now (widgets for gawd sakes – sounds like a toy for a 3-year-old!). And I am on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin. But I conquer one thing and there are 20 more to befuddle me. Gravatar is /are one such!!! Even the name sounds weird to me – like some futuristic space ship or faraway solar system! I get that a gravatar is a general identifier throughout the web (at least I think that is a reasonably accurate description), and I have mine, but now what???!!! What is mine doing for me? How do I work with yours?

I click on some of you – some of my followers – hoping to arrive at your blog, and your gravitar page pops up. What the heck am I supposed to do then? I see no way to reach your blog from there. I simply don’t get it. What good is it if it is not easy to navigate? So, I ask you to please take a moment to explain how I can access your writing and creativity.

S.O.S. Please help me out here. Bring me back from this strange, unknown underwater realm, or this far-away other-world so I can navigate the joys of your creativity. I feel like the red fish in the painting above, swimming blissfully, but in the opposite direction to the rest of the world.

Then later ….. maybe we can tackle ‘Google+‘.



4 thoughts on “GRAVATARS AVATARS S.O.S. . ‘Decades’ . My 60’s .

  1. I love your posts, Linda, and your watercolours are wonderful! Just wanted you to know you keep me well entertained with your stories!


  2. I am not only enjoying your insightful writings but also your creative, so appropo paintings.
    The inclusion of humour in both in this one is great.

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