ELVIS WAS HERE!!? . ‘Decades’ . My 70’S .

Linda & Elvis ?


OH YEA … at the largest Elvis impersonator festival in the world (apparently). The winners here go on to the main event in Las Vegas (I think), and usually take one of the top prizes there (so Elvis told me). I am not a huge Elvis impersonator fan. I know, bite my tongue!

I loved the original though. I had never seen anything so sexy and dreamy in my life, with his sleepy eyes and curled upper lip. Such ‘come hither’ appeal. And he could sing too.

But the festival in Collingwood is only 20 minutes from our home, and since we are newbies to the area, we checked it out.

GREG Sr, Coco & Elvis(s)

My husband, Greg, our Coco & Elvis(s).

My blogging will be limited for the next two-three weeks … I have my daughter’s wedding in 10 days and lots of company to enjoy. So I hope my readers will forgive the summer semi-hiatus and will love every minute of your last days of heat, water, blue skies with wafting marshmallow clouds, dreamy breezes swaying through the leaves, summer gardens, lazily enjoying a good read, picnics, day trips, visitors and visiting, and all the other activities that make this time of the year such a longed-for part of each year in the northern hemisphere.



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