BONSAI . ‘Decades’ . 70’s, only just! .

Bonsai - Juniper & Jade plants

My Bonsai – Juniper & Jade plants

My new endeavour – bonsai plants … a juniper and a jade. Years ago I attempted a bonsai without success. My trimming was disastrous and I let it dry out. So I am eager to try again.

I have given the juniper its first haircut and regret that I didn’t think to take a photo before I began, so I could monitor the progression over time. But it was bushy!!

The jade has not yet been trimmed. I am enjoying its shape as is and want to think about how it should be trimmed to create a shape that will look tranquil and beautiful in years to come – if I can keep it alive that long.

Earlier this year, I created terrariums. Some of you may remember. I think they looked lovely, elegant.


I worried that I may not be able to keep them living. I need not have worried! A moist, dense, tropical jungle grew in each of them.

Terrarium overgrown
Terrarium Overgrown

Clipping and trimming didn’t make them look any better, probably because of the baby’s breath. I love that delicate plant that loves to be moist, but in a terrarium, it is so moist it grows up the side and through and around the other plants. I think the baby’s breath will look more at home, more spectacular, in a separate pot, allowed to trail gracefully over the side. And … the other plants will not be so crowded. I will post how that turns out.

So, I am off to continue my autumn indoor gardening. I am bringing in geranium plants and have taken cuttings … but that is for another day.


Another view of my new Bonsai



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