Social Media -The Etiquette of ‘Follow’ . ReBlog Excerpt -‘Bent Out of Shape’

Social Media – The Etiquette of ‘Follow’ on Blogs & Twitter

Puzzled too!
Puzzled too!
As a relatively new blogger and twitterer, I have felt the pressure to ‘follow’ everyone who ‘follows’ me, and I am somewhat confused by constant urges to support other writers. I fully agree with the support concept – hell, I need and very much appreciate support and a bit of adulation. But it goes against the grain to automatically click the little ‘follow’ button of everyone who ‘follows’ me. I sometimes see a ‘follow’ seconds after I have posted and realize that person could not have had time to read my new post. Some of my new followers have blatant commercial blogs reaching out for my business.
One blogger actually wrote me to say she would unfollow me if I did not follow her. What is that!!!???  
And, as a side bar, as a relative Twitter novice, I do not know how to respond with thanks to all the new followers I receive daily. Again, I am so appreciative, but with my writing, art, community involvement & responsibilities, and my large family, I don’t seem to find the time to write ‘Thanks for following’ to each. I feel so guilty.
I AM thankful that some of you out there in the enormity of the www have actually found me. And I hope my followers read, and even enjoy, some of my posts. I was beginning to feel alone in my concern about all the niceties of this world of Social Media , but then I read Stephanie Ryan’s blog this morning and have reblogged an excerpt. Stephanie has a way with words  …  

Through Stephanie’s Eyes . a look into the world of author Stephanie Ryan

“The Quiet One Speaks Out #BRAVE #MyWANA” (excerpt). Sunday, September 29, 2013 .

“I’ve been involved in several author support groups and have to say most of them are okay. Some folks actually do support other members while there are those, more than a few really who just take all the group has to offer with little or no reciprocation. Whatever. I’m not going to get all bent out of shape if all of my tweets with a specific hashtag aren’t retweeted. Geez! I’ve got bigger fish to fry and so do the rest of the people in that group. We all have to WRITE.

When did it all become about the number of twitter followers, likes on Facebook, followers on blogs and reviewing each other’s work?  What happened to the WRITING??? With all the fancy “time-saving” tools out there now, authors are supposed to be able to tweet and update Facebook posts in advance by scheduling them to go off at specific times around the clock. Not only that, but many groups expect you to share every single post the other members make every single day. How do they do that? They set up the “shares” to go out at specific intervals, be it every 15, 20 or 30 minutes…around the clock.

Ummmm…that sounds a hell of a lot like commercials to me.  What do we all do with commercials on television? We tune them out or fast forward through them to get to “the good parts.”

Well what happens when you fast forward through all the promo only to find…nothing. Not one thing the author posts is personal or in any way social. There is no engaging with others on Twitter and Facebook. “I don’t have the time. I have to schedule my tweets for tomorrow and make sure I have the next posts in Triberr edited and shared to go out too. Oh and of course I have to set up all my direct messages with the thank you and please go like all my pages right now messages.”

Stephanie’s blog:

Weigh in on this issue please. I would love to hear you thoughts.

And to my Canadian readers, I am sending you wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, whether you are spending it with family, or taking in ‘Gravity’ with George Cloony and Sandra Bullock. Whatever you do, I hope you, like me, can find much to be thankful for in your life.

Tweet Your Thoughts!
Tweet Your Thoughts!



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