WEDDING FLOWERS Designed by LRP . Memoir . 70’s .

WEDDING FLOWERS                                                                                       

Designed by LRP

My daughter, Stephanie married in August. I offered to make the table centers and her bouquet.  It was fun, exhilarating and satisfying. Stephanie and I talked about colours, flower choices, design. Since it was her second wedding she wanted simplicity yet elegance. Originally she choose fragile hydrangea but switched to hardier roses to make loading and unloading three times and transport, easier and more successful. Besides, they are lovely, classic.

Roses ... 14 dozen!
Long Stem Roses … 14 dozen of them!

Fourteen dozen roses! Just having them in my dining room made me burst with joy. They were so gorgeous. But before I brought them in, I prepared vases to hold the centerpieces for nine tables.

Vases with oasis, then moss
Vases with oasis, then moss

I completed the prep earlier in the week so I would not feel rushed. First, I cut Oasis blocks to fit in each vase. Then I pushed moss between the glass and the oasis on all four sides to cover the less-than-attractive oasis.

Nine Vases, ready and waiting ...Nine vases, ready and waiting …

The night before I was buying the flowers, I poured water in the vases so the oasis would be saturated to keep the cut roses as fresh as possible and I had all the tools ready that I would need.

Creating the centerpieces ...
Creating the centerpieces …

I began by using a dowel to create a hole in the top, center of the oasis for the center flower. I used the dowel to create a hole for every rose so the freshly cut stems would not become blocked by bits of oasis, preventing water from reaching the flower head.

Then, I circled around the center flower, which I always made cream, then alternated the cream with delicate peach and pink roses. I made them evenly spaced and close together so if they opened a little they would look snug and abundant.

Nine table arrangements and the Bride's bouquet
Nine table arrangements and the Bride’s bouquet

Stephanie’s bouquet and the arrangement for the head table were both made entirely of cream roses.

Cream Bridal Boquet and Head table arrangement
Cream Bridal Bouquet and Head table arrangement
Bridal Bouquet with cream satin ribbon and pearl pins.
Bridal Bouquet with cream satin ribbon and pearl pins along the hand grip.

It was a most lovely wedding with loads of happiness, laughter and love shared with family and close friends.

Mr. & Mrs.
Mr. & Mrs. !                                                                   Below –  Steph + Jeff enjoying their daySteph & Jeff enjoying their day !

In Archway

Plants and flowers are important to me. My parents owned a flower shop, garden center, nursery and four greenhouses so flowers have been a large part of my life for six decades. My mother and Aunt Mazel created floral arrangements for weddings, funerals, hospital patients and for every conceivable reason. I caught the bug and have done my own arrangements for years. This was my second public venture and I enjoyed doing it for my daughter Carrie years ago and now for Stephanie.

Canddlelight and roses
Candle light and roses

Single centerpiece



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