“I BELONG” . Memoir . 400+ Followers – a milestone .

This warms my comparative literature major heart :)

‘I BELONG’ … MILESTONE ~ 400+ Followers 

Today marks a huge milestone for me. Since beginning this blog -‘inknpetals.wordpress.com’ seven months ago, in April of this year, I have been blessed with 400+ followers, with more coming on board daily.

This amazes, thrills and humbles me. Some followers are my friends, neighbours, family; some are my fellow bloggers. Some of you follow my blog directly; others follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Some of you have accumulated thousands of followers; tens of thousands, and unbelievably some of you have hundreds of thousands. So to you this modest milestone may not seem much. To me it is huge.

To each and every 416 of you who have clicked that little ‘Follow’ or ‘Like’ icon, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support.

I do not write every day but try to post something each week on my blog and Facebook. Tweets are usually more frequent.

Please continue to read occasionally and even jot a ‘comment’ or a ‘like’. It is helpful to know what appeals, and conversely, what does not.

Thank you once again. Whether as a writer or a reader, I love this feeling of belonging.

Lou's Poppies by Linda Paupst

‘Lou’s Poppies’ by Linda Paupst



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