Getting prepared for Christmas Time
Getting prepared for Christmas Time


My Uncle Don King told me on several occasions that,

“The anticipation of any event is almost always more enjoyable than the actual event”.

I have learned over the years that that is true. It is the thinking about the upcoming occasion, the preparation for it, the dreaming, that makes us come alive. In any case, it is for me. Planning the look I want for Christmas this year is in my thoughts. I have decided to forgo much of the glitter I have packed in Christmas boxes with the exception of treasured, traditional Christmas ornaments on our wee Christmas tree – but that is for another day.

Tucked away in boxes, are the whimsical Christmas characters, angels, reindeer and snow topped houses – all accumulated over the years. But my soul is balking at clutter this time.

So, this year I am creating glitter with candles, lots of them, in clear crystal or glass containers, and bits of nature spread here and there – pine cones, boughs, wreaths. This is an inexpensive, soothing and beautiful alternative for me and suits my mood perfectly.



In the photo above, lights are twinkling and memories are unleashed as I recall the day I purchased my Christmas light box from my friend Eleanor who made them with her daughter.  Over the next weeks I will prepare, paint, anticipate the coming Christmas events with family and friends.

“Joy in love is a great energizer in everything you do.”

Dianne Sawyer




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