Decades of Memories

This impish elf was one of many that adorned Christmas presents from my Mother and Dad for my children. I have kept this one and a few others, for decades. I love this guy. Just looking at him makes me feel good.

I may not write again for a week or two, so I want to send this thought …..

Whatever your belief, whatever your religion, or lack of one, whatever your circumstance, I wish every one of my readers and followers much happiness …. wherever you can find it.

If you don’t have family, invite a neighbour or friend to share a moment or an hour or more with you. Make it special, whether in your home, a coffee shop or at your work place.

When my five children were small, I worked alternate Christmas days as a nurse. That meant rising at 5 AM to get the turkey in the oven, and to opening presents with my husband and babies before heading for the 7 AM day-shift.  Or, if I was scheduled for the evening shift, I had up to 2:30 with my family before rushing in for 3 PM. But Christmas day in the work place always felt special. Everyone was on their best behaviour and there was a gentle kindness in the air. It was about taking a moment with patients, often with no family nearby, to create a bit of joy in their day.

And so, to each of you, I urge you, no matter your circumstance or religion, take a bit of time to  feel a bit of joy over the next days. It will make you, and the world, a better place.





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