‘PIPER or DUFFY?’ . Memoir . Farewell to 2013 .


Teddy, Duffy

Have you ever tried naming a new puppy? I suppose you can just toss names into a cup and pick one. Or you can ask your children to name the new member of your family. Not me, though. I have to make a thing of it. I need to choose a name that is indicative of the puppy’s heritage or disposition, and … it has to sound cute to me.

So, Sunday, December 29, 2013, I picked up my new Shichon (Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise cross). He was so calm and nestled into my neck, the crook of my arm, my lap. The two pounds of silky beauty was as pliable and cuddly as I could ever want.

So I began the naming process – Cuddles, Snuggles, Muffin, Patootie sounded right, and tho’ appropriate, even I knew they were too cutsie for me and my rambunctious family. I checked online breeders for ideas and tested names I conjured up myself – Darcy, Duffy, Darby – I loved  those. I sent out a plea for help from my Facebook family and friends. Names poured in: Shadow, Muppet, Sweetie, Fluffy, Piper (loved this one but not cuddly enough I thought), Teddy (bear), Bear, Tucker, Winston, Keegan, Fergus, Hunter, Barker, Spots, Scout, Sparky, and more.

Day two:  Puppy awakes. He is amazing. No messes anywhere, yet! He always goes potty on the papers. But there is a new friskiness today. He is more active, mischievous, playful – tumbling about, chewing everything, pulling his towel across the room, using his paw  on the little ball just like a kitty would, pushing it then scrambling back. In short, he is beginning to feel at home.

So, just like I had several time before in the past 24 hours, I checked a name in the Wikipedia Dictionary for its derivative, meaning and past uses. Well, it seems that the biological/botanical  name for Piper is from the Latin, negrum piper … black pepper.  He is black and peppery, full of spice. Perky Piper. And too, there was a reference to ‘bagpipers’. Well, my Highland Scottish Robertson heritage loved that too. I thought, YES! Perfect. So there you have it.

Let me introduce you to Piper!         … or is it Duffy?

Piper or Duffy
Piper or Duffy?

With this earth shattering question to be answered, I say,

Auld Lang Sang to all who influenced my life in 2013

and …. Piper and I wish all of you a most …

Happy, Healthy, Productive 2014!

And my heartfelt thanks to all who offered name suggestions. They were such a delight. And to my daughter, Joanna, thank you for the winner.

P.S. January 10, 2014. After a couple of weeks more of intense deliberation, I finally decided he was a Duffy. And so it is, and so shall remain.



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