“PAIN (emotional or physical) CAN SET YOU FREE” . ReBlog-Bhakti Brophy

“Throughout the past seven months, I have been trying to learn how to deal with chronic pain. I can personally tell you that pain can be used as a doorway to the Truth. The subtle observation of pain, and the realization that pain itself is a manifestation of the conscious energy that creates everything, can be a way to transcend the pain itself. To view pain as a ball of energy, as a constricted form of the conscious energy that exists in everything, and to go inside the ball of energy and then let it dissolve into the bliss and joy of the Heart is the way to freedom when experiencing chronic pain. This may not make sense to those of you who have not or do not experience chronic pain; however, pain can be a doorway into caitanya, into the freedom of the blemish free soul: into our true being.
In other words, pain, too, just like everything else that exists, is a manifestation of energy. What
I’m saying is don’t be afraid of the painDon’t run from the pain. If you are in pain (whether
physical or mental) just be with the pain. Label it as a manifestation of energy. Watch this ‘ball
of energy’ that is pain, and let it dissolve. It will dissolve back into the pure energy that it came


I love Bhakti’s philosophy on anger. LRP …

How to do this? Let’s say you are in mental anguish because you are angry at yourself or someone else. Don’t think about what triggered you to be angry. In other words, forget about who or what made you angry. Just sit with the feelings and the emotions that you are experiencing. Recognize in what part of the body you feel the energy most significantly. Just sit with the feeling. Then, take an in breath and breathe into the energy. Breathe into your feelings of anger. You will witness the feeling dissolving.

So much of the time, we, as humans, feel it is not ‘okay’ to be angry. We think it makes us less human, or less worthy of being loved if we are angry. But, I have found that the key is not to push away the anger, as this only suppresses the feelings of anger–they eventually have to come out somehow, maybe in the form of a disease or illness, or in the form of frantic, uncontrollable rage. We must accept that feeling angry is okay, because it is a natural human emotion. Contrary to popular belief, emotions are not good or bad, they just are.

If we could just embrace the fact that we are angry, and sit with our feelings–forgetting about the trigger–but just sit and acknowledge our feelings, then we will find that they will dissolve back into the pure energy whence they came from. Just like a violent wave that crashes upon the shore dissolves back into the ocean, so too will your feelings of anger return back into their source, which, of course, is pure bliss. The bliss of the Heart. 

All emotions are cyclical. No emotions last forever. To be truly alive, we must not cling to them. We must witness them, acknowledge them, and let them flow back to the source. 

Is it possible to stop a wave from crashing onto the shore? Is it truly possible to deny ourselves the feelings of anger? 

No. To be alive means to have emotions and feelings. To be truthful to our own being, we must experience our emotions. We must ‘go with the flow’. To go with the flow, we mustn’t cling to the river bank, we must trust our experience of life, and experience everything fully.

If we view physical pain in this way, we can experience it as a manifestation of the loving energy that has created all. Physical pain is at times excruciating, yet it can take us to our Truth. It can make us realize that our physical bodies are not going to last forever. I know that my physical pain has brought me closer to God/the Truth than I could have ever imagined. I am not afraid of death, I am afraid that I will not be able to live! That is a great place to be! Rather than thinking about what I CAN’T do, because of my physical limitations, I am taking inventory of what I CAN do! I have been given the opportunity to look at my life and to think about what really matters to me. This is a blessing!

It’s time to live! Right now!

I offer you this: Go within, right now! Don’t wait for tomorrow! The time to live is right now.

Whatever you are feeling right now, FEEL IT! Don’t push it away. Don’t suppress it. Feel it, so that you may be free. Be true to the moment. Whatever you are feeling in this moment– Feel it. And let it go.

Years ago, I asked my beloved teacher Sally Kempton how to deal with a particularly strong emotion I was dealing with. She said,“Experience it, and then let it go.”

I will forever cherish these words. They are a jewel in my crown. They are so true. And now, two or three years after she said them to me, I am understanding their beauty in action.

May your life be lived to the fullest. May you accept everything that you are experiencing so that you may be free. May you experience your emotions and feelings as pulsations of energy that come and go: everything comes and goes, except for the Supreme Bliss of the Heart.

“The Heart is the hub of all places. Go there and roam” –Bhagawan Nityananda.


* * *


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One thought on ““PAIN (emotional or physical) CAN SET YOU FREE” . ReBlog-Bhakti Brophy

  1. Hi Linda–It makes me so happy to know this essay resonated with you!
    If you ever have any more questions regarding working with charged emotions, please feel free to email me or contact me via Twitter.



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