The 'canons' ~ my four volumes of "Lineages & Memoirs, Genealogies for My Children & Theirs …"
The ‘canons’ ~ my four volumes of “Lineages & Memoirs, Genealogies for My Children & Theirs …”




From: paupst jim
Subject: YOUR WORK
Date: 26 March, 2014 7:22:47 AM EDT
To: Paupst Linda


Terry was helping me hang paintings in my new condo which has a surface area greater than 41 King St.

I remarked to him that your not receiving the Order of Ontario was an egregious mistake by the selection committee.

What an extraordinary canon of work you produced.

Big T totally agreed.

Many of the recipients received the award for work in a particular political party, what a joke.

In life, the odds against are 7/5, unless you are connected, an intoxicating irony.

Despite all of this, your work stands.

Kindest regards,


. . .

From: Paupst Linda <lrpaupst@….>
Subject: Re: YOUR WORK
Date: 27 March, 2014 11:09:46 AM EDT
To: paupst jim <jimpaupst@….. >

Good Morning Jim,

What a lovely note to read as I drink my morning coffee. Thank you for this.

I appreciate the irony you mentioned. But, I was so surprised by the nomination itself, and I felt so honoured, more than at any other time in my life, so winning was truly of no consequence to me.  It was a wonderful feeling to know that the work and the ‘canons’ themselves were appreciated. It was more than I expected, and it was all that my soul needed.

There has been enough time past since publication, that I look at the four volumes now and have difficulty believing I accomplished all of that. I used to procrastinate to such a degree that I seldom finished anything. But this project nagged at me and I feared kicking the bucket before recording all the data, stories and photos I had acquired.

I hope you are enjoying your new condo. Hanging paintings means that your digs will feel like ‘home’. As least I hope that is the case.

I trust you are well and enjoying life. I was in Toronto yesterday with a friend, Sally, to attend the One of a Kind Show at the Energy Center. It was a disappointment – nothing like the glorious items of years past that used to entice the senses.

Thank you again.

Linda Robertson Paupst
TWITTER: @LindaPaupst



2 thoughts on “APPRECIATION is APPRECIATED . Memoir .

  1. Linda:

    Jim’s comments are bang on. I find myself turning more & more to the Denvir family history. Spurred on by our recent Ireland trip and various Denvir family connections on Facebook, it’s quite remarkable how much there is to learn. And, how different and more difficult it would be but for your efforts. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment Kevin. The genealogies really were a labour of love through the years – a true passion, and it kept me out of mischief when Greg was travelling. I am not sure why I posted this note from Jim. I had received several beautiful notes following the publishing of each volume 2003 to 2010, including two from Jim. But this was such a surprise after more than three years, and his political comment was interesting. And … this (Decades) is Memoir! So there you go. Thx again.

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