I Travelled to Italy This Morning . Memoir .

Courtyard, PoorClares Convent, Ischia Italy
Courtyard, Poor Clares Convent, Ischia Italy

I Travelled To Italy This Morning

And a good Sunday Morn to you!

The sun is shining and I have already travelled to Como and to Ischia, Italy, a volcanic island in the bay of Naples with an incredible castle build 474 BC, a monastery, an exquisitely beautiful convent and 360 degree views, and lit exit tunnels deep down in the rock.


My favourite mode of travel these days is with ‘Arounder’ on my iPad. In an instant, and without spending a cent, I can be in Italy, or China, or Greece, or Ecuador where my friend Marilyn is visiting for two months. And the moving panoramic views are so close-up you almost feel the ancient earth and stone under foot and you experience the flowering vines and breathtaking vistas.

A little envy slips under my skin when I read the wondrous travel blogs some of you experience. But the entire world, and even the Cosmos is available to everyone at the click of a button. Quite wonderful really.

Restaurant 'IlTerrazzo', Ischia Italy
Restaurant ‘IlTerrazzo’, Ischia Italy

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