HAPPY EASTER, HAPPY SPRING . Memoir . Evolution of an Easter Lily .

Classic, elegant Easter Lily
Classic, Elegant, Easter Lily

Easter Lilies. So perfect in their simplicity, so symmetrical, elegant, and so very fragrant.  Just look closely at their sturdy, velvety, petals. Perfection.

The first time each Spring, that Easter lilies arrive in stores, they transport me four, five, six decades back in time, to an awe-some memory – a vista of Easter lilies, row upon row, filling all the benches in one of Dad’s greenhouses. Those greenhouses symbolize some of my happiest memories. Lush greenery of all shades and textures, abundant colour, smells of nature at work – the rich, moist, peaty soil, and a variety of floral fragrances; packed earthen floors between rows of benches, occasional puddles; exquisite Baby’s Breath meandering over and through the piles of potting soil underneath benches, reaching their delicate thread-like stems and leaves onto the dirt pathways.

After my father died in 1986, I had the presence of mind to keep his notes on soil mix, planting schedules, transplanting, buying sources and more. The following illustrates the evolution of an Easter Lily bulb to a stately flowering plant which evokes the official end to winter, and the awakening of spring.

Dad's Easter Lily Growing Schedule - bulb to bloom.
Dad’s Easter Lily Growing Schedule – bulb to bloom. Right- his hand written tree-shopping list (a portion).

Excerpt from “ROBERTSON Lineages & Memoirs, Genealogies for My Children & Theirs.” page 489 – ‘Trimmings’ Chapter 2 ‘Robertson Florist & Nursery. 

And while there have always been colourful hydrangea, hyacinths, azaleas, tulips and crocus acknowledging the changing season, it is the proud Easter lily that immediately evokes happy thoughts of Mom, Dad, home, our greenhouses, rebirth, Spring.

I sit writing, and inhale deeply the exquisite fragrance of my bursting Easter Lily, standing proudly in front of my computer, promising hope and life.

April 18, 2014

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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