BEING ALIVE TWICE . Memoir . Mexico City & Puebla 1992 .

I am busily sorting boxes and boxes of old photos for a family project. I came upon one bundle which immediately evoked lovely memories of a work/vacation Greg and I took to Mexico City, November 1992.

Greg and I, Mexico City, November 1992.
Greg and I, Mexico City, November 1992.


This was an era in Mexico when I felt comfortable, on my own, hopping into the quaint yellow taxies scooting with abandon through dense traffic – those delapitated, stripped-down, yellow Volkswagon ‘bugs’ with front passenger seat removed for easy access of passengers into the back seat. I shopped while Greg worked at installing a new Uniroyal plant in Mexico. Together we bussed to Puebla for a wonderful visit to the ancient town of Spanish origin. It was quaint, lush, romantic and beautiful with its thriving centre square with vendors – the meeting place of the town.

Two other photos touched me.

Archeology find, Mexico - newborn Skelton in pottery vessel.
Archeology find, Mexico – newborn Skeleton in pottery vessel.


I am betting the mother or grandmother turned the pot specifically for the baby. A rather lovely, touching burial place.

Treasures and gifts spread out on our hotel bed. Mexico, Nov1992

                                    Treasures and gifts spread out on our hotel bed. Mexico, Nov1992

Treasured memories for our home on our return, and gifts for our five children. I loved the terra cotta pottery. And gold was so reasonable then. I brought back a heavy gold chain.

Don Quixote, Mexico City 1992
Don Quixote, Mexico City 1992


Every time I travel, I return loaded down. Case in point – The Don Quixote above stands about 28″ tall. The shop owner wrapped him in bubble wrap and layers of protective paper so I could carry him on the plane with me. Don Quixote is Greg’s favourite literary charactor – the noble crazy man. Does he see himself in the honorable charactor? 🙂  This is for future debate!?!

This Don was Greg’s Christmas present that year. I was so excited that I found something so personal, so right – not just another gorgeous sweater.

Don Quixote, White
Don Quixote, White

On another of Greg’s business trips to Mexico, he returned with another ‘Don’. We ended up with many over the years. Once we even purchased a house because a pocket-book copy of Don Quixote was on the very top of one pile of books in the lower level of the home. The owner had been a professor of Literature at the University of Waterloo. Because there were a dozen or more piles of books, ‘Don’, placed strategically on top, was an omen – a good one. So we immediately put in our offer. And it was a wonderful, happy, country home, large enough for all our children and our nine grands to visit. There were horses across the street and goats down the road – wonderful for walks with the children.

Once again my focused story, on a trip to Mexico, has meandered down another memory tributary.

Now it is time to return to my boxes of photos where I may discover another story for Inknpetals.


“To recreate something in words is like being alive twice.”

anonymous Chinese Poet.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 





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