“TIDY HOUSE, TIDY MIND” (or not?) . Memoir . Einstein & I

Messy Home Or Tidy Home – Which Is Better For The Mind?

By HSD (Home Style Directory) staff .  (See link below)

Recent research has shown that there may indeed be benefits from both having a lovely clean home and a messy one.


Experiment 1

One group of participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire in a tidy space and another group were asked to complete the questionnaire in a messy space with objects strewn everywhere.
They were then asked:
1. to donate to charity and
2. choose a healthy or unhealthy snack.
Experiment 1 showed that the participants in the tidy room chose to eat healthy snacks and donated more money to charity than the messier participants, thus indicating a tendency to follow conventional expectations of good behaviour.

Experiment 2

In another experiment participants were given a ping pong ball and asked to come up with different uses for it.
Experiment 2 showed that the participants in a messy space were a great deal more creative with their flow of ideas than the participants in the tidy room.


So very broadly speaking, if you want to encourage your children to be more creative, it looks like you will have to allow them some space to be downright messy. If you want conventional, well behaved children then keep everything in the home ordered and tidy!


We asked 500 members of The Home Style Directory communities if they knew that allowing their child to have an untidy room would help them to be more creative would they be able to turn a blind eye to the mess?
37% said yes
52% said no
11% shrugged

It is worth noting that Einstein was notoriously messy!

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”


– However, before all you messy pups start cheering and aligning yourselves with Einstein’s genius, remember, you don’t have to have an empty desk, just an ordered one. Spit spot! “


I love this article. Justification for my piles everywhere – I am just too busy being creative!     LRP



And thanks to:           http://theeditorsjournal.wordpress.com/author/theeditorsjournal/


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