LOOK AT THE HAND . Journal .

My Zentangled Loves-of-My-Life Hand

This is my hand. It is a symbol of my passions, the loves-of-my-life:   music, writing, my completed genealogy volumes, flowers,painting, of my aging (better than the alternative!) arthritic lumps and twists on each finger. Also, I depicted treasured jewellery – a ruby ring from my parents on my 18th birthday, a lovely pave (how do i insert an accent?) diamond ring from my husband (which was lost several years ago), my mother’s diamonds, and my Tiffany bracelet from my five wonderful children.

How did you spend Saturday and Sunday? It was beautiful, mostly sunny, but a little cool in Wasaga Beach – my kind of day. So I walked my ShihTzu/Bijon, Duffy, read on our deck, did some Suduko puzzles and perused some blogs. In doing so, I found the happy delightful and informative http://www.creativeoperation.blogspot.ca. I have seen many zentangled hands, but the one in ‘A Creative Operation’ had music notes and a keyboard on it. That triggered my creative juices and the inspiration for my hand, filled with the bits, pieces and loves in my life.

Knowing we are each a part of all that we meet along the road of life, I hope Jackie and Michelle (A Creative Operation, Art Journal) enjoy my version of the hand. I hope too, that you enjoy this personal entry in my Midori journal.

If you haven’t attempted Zentangling, I urge you to do so. It is completely relaxing and focused so the cares of your day wash away in the creative juices. And if you live nearby, I conduct Zentangle workshops, so feel free to get in touch.


6 thoughts on “LOOK AT THE HAND . Journal .

  1. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but we have been moving, and it has taken all of my time. I am finally at a point where I can get my computer and craft room up and semi-running. This is lovely!! I especially love how you incorporated your life into your drawing, what a fantastic piece! Thank you so much for stopping by our blog, and thank you for all of your wonderful comments.

    1. Debra – Hi from Ontario. Thank you so much for following inknpetals.wordpress.com and for your comments. So you have arthritic bends and lumps too?
      Zentangling is rather big here now. It is doodling, but with a basis in persian, french country, islamic art, good ol’ chintz, etc. etc. Your blog is beautiful & your ‘doodling’ intricate. Every time I look at the art of others my horizon is expanded. Thanks again

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