PURE JOY and LOVE . Memoir, Journey Through My 70’s .

Our sweetie arrived and my, she is lovely. My thoughts are consumed with the experience, by the enveloping pure joy that her birth created in all of us present, and by her exquisite loveliness.


Our wee girl is so responsive, ‘talking’ to me as I cuddle her closely. I talk to her of my love for her, and all her large family that are waiting to meet her. I welcome her into this beautiful world.
IMG_5528 Just look at her, ready to be a part of all of us.
IMG_5539 Whispering sweet nothings to my wee girl.IMG_5540 A kiss from Nana LindaIMG_5545
I am so enamoured of this wee new life that has some of my genes within her. I love that they help make her who she is, and who she will become. Her gene pool on both her maternal and paternal lines is filled ancestors who developed great fortitude to carry them thro life’s difficulties. Her Scottish, English, German, Belgian and Irish ancestors lived their lives proudly, with gusto, strength, humour, ambition, integrity and love.

A very good start for you, dear baby.

I’ll Love you forever and I’ll Like you for always, 

As long as you’re living, my grandchild you’ll be.

(with apologies to Robert Munsch)

Most of your aunts, uncles, cousins will be meeting you over the next few days, but your Aunt Stephanie lives far away in British Columbia. I sent news of your birth and some photos. She replied:

“I know – so adorable, beautiful!
Wish I was there to give her the biggest hug from her auntie!!

I called this afternoon & of course did not get a hold of you Greg, but left a sobbing message – just so shocked at her beauty & taken back by life in it’s purest.

So glad to see all the photos.
Just so amazing!!!!

You might think from my emoting, that this is the first time I have had this incredible experince, but no – I had five children, and my husband and I previously had nine other ‘grands’. The difference is, that they were all so long ago. I am so blessed to have this enormity of emotion once again, and in my 70’s. It is all the more sweet for that.  I love you guys!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


6 thoughts on “PURE JOY and LOVE . Memoir, Journey Through My 70’s .

  1. Just checking my mail. What beautiful pictures I am so jealous in a good way I would love to have another but I will have to wait for the next generation love to you and your family Say hello to Grandpa

    Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 21:04:47 +0000 To: meleanorwalker@hotmail.com

  2. My heartiest congratulations to you and your family, LInda – Everly is so adorable and she is now part of your large and loving family. Yes, you are blessed and so is she.

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