Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass …💛 . A Re-Blog .

A re-blog from Red Carpet Nursing

We all tend to accept the easy route most days. Here are some wise thoughts to waken your emotions and brain cells as you enjoy your morning coffee or tea …

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.. It’s about learning to dance in the rain💛...

This quote sounds nice, and it bugs rather more every time I see it, which of course is rather often these days. It irritates and, frankly, offends me.

When we let others box us into such either-or decisions like this one, we ignore and surrender a multitude of other possibilities. Why would anyone want to surrender almost every option available like that, abandon imagination and intelligent thought, simply because someone dares restrict them to just two paltry choices?

I find lots of nice, useful things to do when it’s raining, inside or outside. Whoever came up with this romantic-sounding pap offers both awful practical advice and a metaphor for intellectual sloth, passively letting others grant you your narrow slice of options. Fake freedom, in fact. You can idle in the cage we offer or you can sing instead: isn’t it wonderful, they imply, that you can choose to sing?

Why on earth would anyone feel a need to settle for a choice between standing around idle or dancing wet? What makes such a choice any sort of inspirational lesson on life? Life is about seeing, interpreting, imagining, adapting, learning, creating, growing, building. It’s about freedom, not subservience. It’s about refusing to settle so easily as others suggest. It’s about paying attention to meaning and consequences – why THESE choices? Why not others? – not just heedlessly letting pretty words wash over.

This is a quote asking us to live like sheep and to feel thankful for it. Humans can do far, far better.

I choose to do far, far better. I demand it! Do you?”

Posted on October 26, 2014 by gregmercer601

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