I am embracing newness, surrounded by newness:  new words on the page; new lush wool for anticipated, new, knitting projects; new voice messages on the phone providing my laugh of the day;  new life – that of Everly – enjoying her first two wonderful weeks in this, her wonderful, new, world.

New Words on the Page

– Thoughts of novelist Louise Penny in “The Beautiful Mystery” …

“Balance … Equilibre.  Yin and yang.  Heaven and Hell. …                         Opposites.  Providing balance.”

New, Lush Wool

New Lush Wool for New Projects
New Lush Wool for New Projects

 New Phone Messages to Lend Laughter to our Day

Marty always leaves messages in his myriad of strange voices that brighten our day. I love our friends who have a live their lives enjoying the light, the fun, and laughter, and who take the time to make us smile:

“Is this Gregory Popsicyle? …”

“Is this Poops, Papist, …..”

“Is this the Truman Capote Underwear Exchange? I do have some orders I would like to place. …”

Every new message is an original and bears love and a smile.

New Life . Enjoying the first Two Weeks in Her Wonderful New World

New Life in a New WorldNew Life in Her New World

New . renewal . rejuvinating . fresh . restorative . invigorating . new

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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