Have you noticed the prevalence of acronyms in social media? Are we just too lazy, or is it cool to express one’s self through grating, upper caps?

Apparently RAK is a huge new trend on social media. Until today, I had never heard of this. Oh, ‘Random acts of kindness’ I certainly was aware of, but now, that lovely gesture is RAK!!???  Just listen to how that sounds. Harsh, even violent – reminiscent of being stretched on a rack – the complete antithesis of the gently, meaningful, thoughtful ‘random act of kindness’.

There are now social media groups debating the etiquette of RAK – “is a thank you from the recipient enough”, or “is a reciprocal RAK expected”?

Are we not cautioned to never use UPPER CAPS in our written communication? Hell no – don’t do that – it would mean we are shouting! But it is OK to use upper case acronyms that completely deface the meaning of the thought they are intended to express.

Another example that drives me to distraction and farther, is RIP. Again, brutal and harsh in its unintended meaning – images of violent ripping and tearing come to mind. The person who so thoughtlessly uses that acronym is attempting to convey a heartfelt message, ‘Rest in Peace’. But by abbreviating those lovely words, another gentle, ‘peaceful’ thought is being negated. Instead, it is shouted via upper caps and violent images.

Am I the only person on this planet who is bothered by this? Am I the only person who feels the acronyms negate the very meaning of what the user is attempting to express?

Have we become so lazy, or so eager to grab onto each new fad, that simple emotions and acts of kndness are is jeopardy of being lost? AM I THE ONLY VOICE OF REASON IN A WORLD SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL, OR AM I JUST F*%#ING OLD?

Oh boy, leaving myself wide open with that query!  🙂 

One random act of kindness might be to consider what you really wish to say when you are tempted to use an acronym. Rather, perhaps, use WORDS to express yourself. Just a thought.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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