SPRING in WASAGA . Poetry .

Maple Tree in Spring against an azure sky.
Maple Tree in Spring against an azure sky.



warm on my face,                                                                                                             glaring off the pages of my book,                                                                              casting artful shadows on the greening grass.

tweet songs from bare old maple tree.

fresh and gentle, kisses my neck;
demands slow, deep, restorative breaths;
lifts wisps of my hair in a dance.

Lazy drone of small private plane,                                                                               skims thro’ azure sky,
not a cloud in sight.

Winter is only a memory.



4 thoughts on “SPRING in WASAGA . Poetry .

  1. Oh I love the imagery that you painted! Sadly I live in Singapore where it’s perpetually hot and humid with a few scattered rain showers so I am relying on your observations about Spring.

    1. I just now saw your ‘Like’ and beautiful comment about my poem. I am so appreciative. I have not been active on my blog for some while, and I am unfamiliar with the new updates in WordPress, so can neither fix, nor find, things easily anymore . so forgive my delayed reply, but thank you for reading and for your support. I will get writing again in the new year. I will be able to write about the -9 degree C temperature, the gusting winds and the beautiful white snow which all combined created roads closures yesterday and today.

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