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Hello and thank you to followers of who have stuck by me during a long blogging drought.

The past few months, I have been reinventing myself (again), thinking a lot, and planning. That takes a lot out of you ūüėČ . I haven’t painted in about a year. Instead, my creative juices and reveries are¬†leaning toward sewing and quilting. This is a big leap. I haven’t sewn in 40 years. As a result, the challenge has been a kaleidoscope of a learning curve – becoming familiar then comfortable, with a new machine,¬†re-learning to work those oh-so-tricky bobbins, choosing fabric (such gorgeous, juicy colours and patterns to choose from). Everything is new.

Fabric Stash
Fabric Stash

I buy fabrics that I absolutely love, and find projects simple enough for a beginner, ones I hope my five kids will like as well.¬†You see, I don’t want to put a lot of money and work into an item that ends up in a drawer. I realize that, even if you know them pretty well, guessing someone else’s taste is a crap shoot. As a result, my¬†fabric stash is growing so I think have something for everyone.

The biggest dilemma I have faced is deciding on fabric colour and pattern combinations. It is more difficult that one might think¬†to achieve a pleasing, balanced and artistic¬†combo of¬†colours, values and patterns. Following are some of my first attempts at combining fabrics …

Trial Colour and Pattern Combos Combo2 Combo3 Combo4 Combo5 Combo6

More learning curve frustration occurred while working on early projects –¬†gobs of¬†tangled and knotted threads on the underside of the fabric and my machine jammed constantly.¬†The result of this was hair-pulling frustration. Ultimately, after putting out SOS signals, I¬†discovered I was filling and inserting the bobbin incorrectly. ¬†ūüė¨ ūüėā

Eventually, through determination and two refresher courses at the store where I bought my machine, I finished my first sewing projects in about forty years … a baby quilt, two hobo bags and a little black bag:

Label for Evie's Quilt My first Quilt ... for Everly, Oct.2015

Little Black Bag, Oct.2015

Sew-Gerda wearing my Tote

Reversible canvas tote
Reversible canvas tote

Then, I tackled Christmas presents. That will be my next post.

This is fun and addictive!

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Name This Watercolour Painting . ART .

I love this watercolour. It mesmerizes me. I love the way the squishy, wet hues blended and merged. I love the rich jewel tones. I love the geometry. It talks to me. The eye looks right into my soul.

This painting is a far cry from my usual florals. The only similarity with some of my other art is in the use of colour, its intensity. But this one keeps drawing me back.


I painted this a few years ago but I still don’t know what it is saying to me.

Because I have been unable to define this watercolour, I have been unable to name it. I considered, and quickly dismissed, “Me”, “My Eye On the World”, “Watching Over You”¬†‚Ķ but,¬†rather than maternal, that one sounded just downright creepy.

So I am asking you to help me name this work. What do you think or feel when you really look at it?

My only criteria is that the name not have any religious connotation Рspiritual yes, but not religious. And if you like, I will send a matted print of this or any other of my paintings as a thank you to the person whose idea I choose.

I would love to hear your suggestions, so don’t be shy, send whatever comes to mind. It might be exactly what I feel.

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