In 2014, 3100 Views! THANK YOU . WordPress Stats … ISN’T TECHNOLOGY GRAND? .

WordPress gathers the stats of it’s bloggers throughout the year … the wonders of technology! So, I learned that in 2014, 3100 people viewed my blog. Thank you!!! Following, if any of you is interested, is the WP report, the stats, on my blog, ‘INKNPETALS’:

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 52 trips to carry that many people.

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STOCK YOUR LARDER . Writing Tips . re-blog of Susan Fish, .

Inspiring Writing Tips

Susan Fish

Dear Friends,

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to spend a humid afternoon over a kettle of hot salty vinegar. Sadly I’m not even kidding. I get a lot of satisfaction in making jams, preserves, pickles (thus the hot brine!), spaghetti sauce, pesto and roasted tomatoes in the summer. I love seeing the shelves of my cold cellar fill up with what I call summer-in-a-jar. I appreciate knowing that in the dead of winter, I will have a delicious easy meal ready to serve straight from those shelves or from the freezer.

It’s called stocking the larder.

I first heard the term ‘stocking the larder’ in my one ill-fated year of teaching. The principal of the school was an extraordinarily gifted teacher and teacher of teachers. She spent time with the newbies, coaching us on how to teach and how to be a teacher. Watching her (and watching myself among the grade five students!) made me realize I didn’t actually want to be in a classroom, but I’ve taken many of her lessons to heart, including the importance of stocking your larder.

If I didn’t make pickles, I could actually go to the store for some, but some things are harder to purchase on demand. For a writer, stocking the larder means many things: it means nurturing your creativity, exploring the world, noting ideas that strike your imagination, and continuing to learn your craft.

I want to challenge you as a writer to invest in the stocking of your larder. Make a point of paying attention, being astonished and telling about it as poet Mary Oliver says, this summer. Soak the world in. Go to unexpected places and use all your senses. Read things that are outside your usual stack. Play with clay or flowers or paints or pickles to cross-pollinate. Actually spend time writing on a regular basis. And make sure you continue to learn your craft.


Susan offers wonderful writers workshops in Waterloo Ontario. Check her out at ‘’

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QUOTATIONS inspiration & Reality Check . Memoir .



“Wasn’t that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted?”

ABRAHAM VERGHESE:   ‘Cutting For Stone’



You are the result of your own decisions. You are your own creation.”

CMDR CHRIS HADFIELD: on George Stroumboulopoulos 2013

Nothing exists outside of the now. Nothing”


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Hello! FRESH NEW LOOK for Spring .

'Hello!' Geranium Pink - Ink & Watercolour
‘Hello!’ Geranium Pink – Ink & Watercolour

I want to introduce you to my fresh new updated blog. I hope you will find it a calm refuge in the midst of life’s turmoil. I thought my saucy, perky geranium sketch was just the image to convey the first day of Spring, 2014.

This format should be easier to navigate. My Menu’s various ‘categories’ are clearly displayed across the top of each page, as well as on the right sidebar. So, you have two places to get to the sections you want to experience.

I hope you enjoy the art (mostly mine, but a few others) and my poems. Pour a glass of wine and hunker down to read my perspective on life in general and my life in particular (DECADES). Or, delve into what child-birth and illegitimacy were like at the beginning of the last century (GOOD BLOOD).

And please, don’t hesitate to ‘follow’, ‘like’ or comment. Thanks for visiting.



Hand in hand

Beautiful Jennifer. So I am sharing with others. Thank you.

Writings of a Mrs


I walk and wait

My state

Of mind


Drowning (in my own fears)

Frowning (the lost years)

The birth

Of new life


Rooms away

Reminders of a different day

Full of cries of life

Not anguish and strife

Tears pooling my eyes

I dare not blink

I want the tears to dry

For I fear if I cry

Let a single tear drop

My heart may just stop

Along with yours

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WRITING TIPS . “That’ll Leave a Mark”-ReBlog by Cassi Bellinger


Creating a Believable Character

Following are common sense writing tips on creating a character, but as my Daddy always reminded me, “Common sense isn’t very common.”

So enjoy Cassi’s perspective on creating a believable character in your writing.

Re-posted from Cassi Bellinger

That’ll leave a mark

“While story and character ideas often pop into my head, usually at the most inopportune moments, they never arrive complete.  They are just images and half-formed ideas, things I have to think about for a while before they are ready for me to begin sharing them with the world.  This is one of the best parts of the creative process for me, as well as one of the hardest.

Building characters from the ground up is difficult for me, but not in the way that you would think.  Character sheets are very helpful and I use them often (see here), at least for my main characters.  They help me work out all the details about my characters lives, what they look like, and what their goals are.  That’s the easy part.  The hard part for me is knowing that each decision I make about their past will affect how they respond in the story, so I have to choose carefully.

Characters in a story are just like people, at least in the respect that their past makes them who they are.

We are like velcro.  Little bits of our past stick to us, giving us a new shape.  We pick up habits, develop ideas, form beliefs, all because of the people we knew and the experiences we had.  Baggage, if you will.  Those things tend to leave a mark, and those marks change us.  They change how we perceive things, and how we respond to them.

The characters I create are exactly the same.  That’s where the difficulty arises.  When I’m writing, I have an idea of where the story is going and how the characters will behave, change, and grow. If I choose their past incorrectly, then their responses to situations will seem contrived and forced as I try to make them fit into the story I have planned.  I have let these choices stand a few times, but then I find the story going into a completely different direction than I originally envisioned.  That can turn out good and make the story better, but I’ve only had that happen once.

I remember reading books as a child where you could choose your own ending.  Each choice you made gave you a different adventure, a different ending.  It’s the same concept.  Every choice you make for your characters brings them to a different place, their velcro holding on to the bits of their past that mark the journey they have taken to get there.

I need another cup of coffee.  I have a lot of creating to do.  Adding and removing baggage to my fictional characters is a long process.”




5 Ways to Promote your Blog

Creating a blog and updating it can be challenging enough, but the real difficulty lies in promoting it. I have had Organised Clutter for over a year now, and I am still learning the ropes of the blogging world. Initially I did not have numerous social media accounts since I found it difficult to dedicate time to each profile and my blog – but now I have come to realize that these social networks exist to make our lives easier.


Connect with others from across the globe!

If you’re a blogger who wants to expand their horizons and reach more people, then it is important that you invest the time to create and maintain profiles on social networks. Now the problems is – there are hundreds, yes hundreds, of social networks out there, which one do you use to promote your blog? No fear, here is a list that I have made to help you understand the usage of the 5 most popular networks around:

#1 Twitter

Twitter is similar to blogging, except it is done on a minute scale. You have a space of 140 characters to express yourself and grab the attention of millions. With an estimated 500 million registered users, Twitter is your oasis to get the word out.


  1. Use #hashtags to get your tweets found. Hashtags are like ‘tags’ (used in WordPress, Tumblr and Google+)
  2. Include a link to your blog within your bio
  3. Customize your profile picture, header and background
  4. Link your blog to Twitter so posts are directly tweeted
  5. Follow other bloggers and show your support – it is all about networking!

Follow me on Twitter!

#2 Pinterest

Pinterest is similar to Twitter, except it is with images. Treat your account as a literal ‘pinboard’ of your interests/ideas/thoughts. It is like a place where you can collect inspiration and create excellent links back to your blog. As the fastest growing social network, my suggestion is that you start pinning!


  1. Hashtags are a huge part of Pinterest – use the wisely
  2. Link your blog in the bio section
  3. Upload your profile picture to unify your online presence
  4. Create links to your articles by uploading images and providing a link
  5. Create pinboards related to different themes e.g. if your blog is about beauty, you can have pinboards such as ‘Lips’, ‘Nails’ and ‘Hair’ (amongst many others) Don’t be hesitant to have random boards such as ‘Wish List’ and ‘Places I want to Visit’ – these give your blog a personality and humanizes you for your followers.

Are you following me on Pinterest yet???

Build your unique brand to stand out from the crowd

Build your unique brand to stand out from the crowd

#3 Facebook

As the most obvious social network, Facebook is an excellent place to promote your blog. Only issue is, it takes time and dedication. Personally I find Facebook to be the most demanding network as I have to dedicate time to build the content for the page. However – it is also the most fun social network out there for bloggers so it is well worth the effort. Since I have made my Facebook page, I have joined groups (such as GIG Bloggers), which help you meet more bloggers and find amazing articles.


  1. Personalize your cover photo and profile picture
  2. Customize the tabs to feature your blog and other social networks (check out my page to see how it looks)
  3. Connect your blog to Facebook so all posts are directly available on your timeline


In a nutshell, is a platform where you meet other bloggers. It is like a Starbucks for us – we can connect and follow others to keep up to date as well as provide a glimpse of our blog. You can participate in ‘Talks’, which can be treated as forum/discussion groups and build an audience for your blog. Claim your blog on to explore the world out there!


  1. Claim your blog by following the simple steps on the website
  2. Add a badge in your blogs sidebar/footer to let visitors know how to find you

And while you are there, you can follow me.

#5 BlogLovin’ 

Having joined bloglovin’ yesterday, I must say it is one of the most useful social networks for bloggers out there. If you are on WordPress, then BlogLovin’ can be explained as being the ‘Reader’ – all latest posts from blogs you are following are streamed in one convenient place.


  1. Claim your blog by posting the code provided upon registration
  2. Upload your profile picture
  3. Follow bloggers and spread the word!

Here I am on BlogLovin’


It is best to determine which social networks are most useful for you specific blog

On a Parting Note…

What’s even more convenient and amazing is that social networks are available on your finger tips – just download the apps and viola! you can engage with readers wherever you please. Technology really has made our life easier, why not take advantage of it!

Social networking is an essential part of blogging. If you want to get the word out there about your blog, you need to have fresh content combined with an active social presence. Yes, some blogs have made it without social media – but why wouldn’t you want to connect with others on various platforms to expand your scope?

PS: I know it seems self-promotion-y, but I included the links to follow me to see how each page looks. Don’t feel pressurized to click ‘follow’ if you don’t want to (although I hope you do).


“Virgin’s Guide to Promoting a Blog or Website” . .

The following is a re-blog  – excerpts, filled with worthwhile, common sense, blogging tips. But, as my Daddy always taught me, ‘Common sense isn’t very common’, so here we go. And thanks to Don Charisma for his ‘follow’ of

Learn & enjoy …

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.                                             Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Ethos of promoting a Blog or Website on Google – A.B.P.


In sales they have ABCAlways Be Closing. For promoting I have ABP – Always Be Promoting.

#1 THE NUMBER ONE RULE – ABP – ALWAYS BE PROMOTING, Don Charisma, ABP Always Be Promoting ABP Always Be Promoting

#2 Always be Proactive

Try and think of your own ideas and inspiration. If you’re struggling, take the first bit of inspiration that comes from outside. Do a post on cooking Pasta when someone talks about tomatoes, like the one I did here – which was promted by a friend’s ketchup recipe. Do a post on designing a logo when you’ve just done one. Do a post on how you’ve dealt with a debt collector recently. Go first, be a leader, take the initiative or take the first idea that inspires you and realise it now. Always keep trying new ideas, doesn’t matter where they came from or if they are original or not.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Positive

Always Be Positive

#3 Always be Positive

Positivity will push you forward, negativity will drain your energy. Same for others in your social circles and networks online and offline, gradually “loose touch” with the negative people and actively engage with and reward the positive influences. Try and retrain your own thoughts to be more positive or at least find the positives in any negative situations. By all means help and support friends, family and others who are a bit negative, but retain the positive energy you need to be doing what you want to do.

Don Charisma, DonCharisma, Always Be Posting

Always Be Posting

#4 Always be Posting

Promoting is akin to advertising. You just keep on doing it. Try, refine, try, refine, try, refine. Keep on posting content, even if it’s not 100%, you can always learn something, often others will see the value where you sometimes struggle. Genuine readers who genuinely enjoy your website, will ignore the stuff they are not interested in, they scan stuff anyway. Just keep posting as often as you can, or if you’re lucky enough to have a surplus of content, schedule it, and schedule it for time of day you think your audience will be most receptive. I just did a post on what are good times of day to post here –

Doncharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Polite!

Always Be Polite!

#5 Always be Polite

There’s very rarely a need for rudeness. All of the people that I admire and respect are polite. Yes they are firm, and perhaps a little rude if provoked. But polite people have respect for others. Treat other people how you’d like to be treated yourself.

And that doesn’t mean cleverly crafted passive-aggressive insults and innuendos, most people are intelligent enough to see what you’re actually saying, if you haven’t got anything positive or polite to say then shut-up, or keep it brief.

If you want to know more about my attitude to people behaving badly, then you might like to read my post on how I dealt with trolls here –

DonCharisma, DonCharisma, Always Be Patient

Always Be Patient

#6 Always be Patient

This shit takes time, a lot of it, and a lot of effort. The little Google elves that drive the Google machine have a massive workload. It takes time for Google to do anything on their search engine, it makes sense they have trillions of pages to deal with. Also your blog or website will take time to get momentum going. Be patient and realise that the job at hand isn’t seconds or minutes, it’s measured in weeks, months and years. Don’t lose heart, just keep at it, the rewards will come, patience is important !

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be P...Happy

Always Be P…Happy

#7 Always be P…Happy (are you still awake ?)

Isn’t really a ‘P’ – I get things done better, quicker, more innovatively when I’m relaxed and happy. I also enjoy what I’m doing, and people looking at my cartoon or my logo or my content will get that. It shines through in what I do and who I am. Try and be happy as you can in doing all of the mundane and fiddly and time-consuming bits, there are lots of them. And especially be happy when you’re making your content, happy content is gonna get you friends, links, reblogs, reviews, mentions. All this drives traffic into you blog or website, and all help you promote yourself.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Personable (Friendly)

Always Be Personable (Friendly)

#8 Always be Personable

People that visit your blog or website and make comments are generally decent normal people same as you. Being friendly and helpful, pegs you as an ally, a friend, someone the other person could give a damn about. Further, it pegs you as someone who is worthy of their time and support, they might end up a customer, they might reblog one of your posts to there 25000 readers – A fellow blogger actually did this for me recently, and that was even after I didn’t help him previously when he’d asked me. Main thing is I’m friendly, positive and generally enjoyable to be around.

Treat others how you’ve like to be treated yourself, and others will help you.

Don Charisma, DonCharisma, Always Be Professional

Always Be Professional

#9 Always be (a) Professional

It’s often tempting to do stuff which isn’t very nice to other people, especially when they are being stupid. Professional means having ethics, morals and integrity. Which means you do your best to be a good person, and act like any sensible normal well adjusted person would in all situations. Ethics, morals and integrity inspire trust in others. Others that trust you will help you promote what you’re doing, they will visit your site, participate in what your doing and might end up being friends or customers.

Doncharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Presentable - LedaMonsterBunny

Always Be Presentable – LedaMonsterBunny

#10 Always be Presentable

I have to put myself in the shoes of LedaMonsterBunny (not literally of course), before she’s making a YouTube video that gets a million hits. For those that don’t know her she’s a “scene girl” and a very popular one at that. I was a little hard on her in my last post, but didn’t mean any harm, I’ve researched her a bit now and she’s alright. Anyway, she has all that makeup to put on, get it just right, the hair died or she’s had to go shopping for a wig. The clothes and the accessories. My point is that there’s a hell of a lot of planning, and preparation. She’s had to think about what she’s going to say, and about how she’s going to do the video before switching the camera. She works incredibly hard to make the PRESENTABLE image that she wants to present. If you don’t like Leda bunny, maybe look at Brad Pitt or Robert Downey Jr or even Richard Branson. They are ALWAYS presentable, ALWAYS. If you’re gonna be successful, being presentable is so crucial.

And look please stop deluding yourselves, it’s got FUNK all to do with vanity, forget that shit. It’s got to do with being a charismatic leader, and charismatic leaders are PRESENTABLE, they do it for you mostly, not for them.

Always Be Pondering

Always Be Pondering

#11 Always be Pondering

Think about (and if you’re capable feel into) how to, how to, how to. How can I promote what I’m doing ? What can I do to promote what I’m doing ? Dream about it when you’re on a bus or out walking your dog, or watching TV. Invent new stuff in your imagination. Imagine what if, cultivate little ideas that pop up, expand and develop them in the best testing space there is, in your imagination. It’s such a powerful tool, shame to let it go to waste.

And it’s also really, really fun. My daily walk along the beach of around maybe 5 miles, I love to listen to music that I’ve selected that makes me happy and gets my creative flow going. Use that free time to dream your way to where you want to be. Many of my best posts and ideas are created this way.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Photoshop'ing

Always Be Photoshop’ing

#12 Always be Photoshop’ing

I really really FUNKing enjoy the design aspects of doing blogs and websites. I LOVE creating visual effects and doing the stuff that I could only dream about in the past, with text, graphics, cartoon, colors etc. It’s so rewarding to me, step back and look at it and say WOW I DID THAT MYSELF and I have proof that I can show to everyone else. Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator etc are powerful tools for creating awesome stunning graphics. They also say a picture says a thousand words, entirely correct. Use those tools to make a wall of text into a fun little journey for you and your readers. Break it up with some humour, and get their emotional brain going, along with the intellectual.

I couldn’t stress just how much fun and pleasure I’ve had creating visually appealing stuff, it just makes me happy every time. Obviously be patient with Photoshop, it’s got a massive array of features and needs time to take in. Best way I found to get started is hunt for videos on YouTube and then you can follow the other person step by step. Google it, “Grafitti text photoshop” find the guide you want, try it out, easy. Check out my friend Danny’s tutorial and video on creating a Graffiti logo –

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Lucky

Always Be Lucky

#13 Always be P…Lucky (13′s unlucky ?)

Personally I’m not a fate-ist, I’m a free-will-ist. I like the sentiment luck, but I believe we create a lot of out own luck. So find out a way to be lucky, find out how to win, it’s that simple. You can use your imagination to help you with this.

Don Charisma, Always Be Progressing - Stats From Webmaster Tools

Always Be Progressing – Stats From Webmaster Tools

#14 Always be Progressing

Some people may be happy with 1000 impressions a day on Google and 20 pageviews. I am not, I want to reach a level, enjoy it a bit and then move towards the next level. There is always a next level. Aim to keep progressing, try and think ahead at the current level and incorporate what you’ll need later into what you’re doing now.

I’ve included here (above) a recent screen-print from my Google Webmaster tools. I’m making progress. No I’m not getting millions of hits on viral posts. But I am making progress, good progress, Google are showing my posts more and more often. I’m starting to gain some trust from Google and they are starting to give me more “authority”.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Pioneering - Steve Jobs

Always Be Pioneering – Steve Jobs

#15 Always be Pioneering

The arenas that you’ll be competing in are constantly evolving, changing. Look for niches and exploitable anomalies and try them out. Maybe it’ll be cooking recipes of the ancient island people of “Tou-man-fou” or secrets of growing authentic Japanese wasabe at $100 a root. Find those niches and anomalies that you think you can take advantage of and try it out. Marketers and promoters are constantly pioneering, and learning as they go along. Think of an idea, try it, look at feedback, do again adjusted for success. With a new idea incorporate what you learnt on your earlier attempts. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, and keep on trying until something works, and then keep on trying.

Never stop trying new things, be a leader, go first, be a pioneer.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Passionate

Always Be Passionate

#16 Always be Passionate

Somebody that’s doing a blog or website just for the money or because he or she feels she ought to, or they are bored and haven’t got anything else to do, is likely to produce BORING and UNINTERESTING content. This means they don’t get any followers, don’t get any pageviews, don’t get any customers and they really don’t get any success. Somebody who LOVES the hell out of what they are doing, can’t hardly sleep because they are so excited about it, will produce awesome, first class, innovative content that others can’t wait to see.

Simple really ?

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Persistent

Always Be Persistent

#17 Always be Persistent

Never ever give up. Take a break, rest, have a sleep, have a holiday. But NEVER EVER GIVE UP on what your dreaming to do. Just keep at it, do the best you can, try, try, try. Persistence does pay off with Google and the success of your website or blog. I’ve been doing this now 5 months, added over 5000 followers and my daily impressions on Google are close to 2000. It wasn’t always like that as you can see from the graph I’ve included here (a few pictures above). It doesn’t even include the impressions and hits from before I bought my own domain, when it was still

Just have to keep on pushing at it, slowly and surely you’ll get there, the rewards will come to those who persist.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Paraphrasing

Always Be Paraphrasing

#18 Always be Paraphrasing

Google and any search engine relies on words and the magic SNIPPETS. Learn to paraphrase, that is say it in your own words. More than that in fact, play around saying your message in 2000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 words, different size Snippets for Twitter and for Google. Look at what others write and what appeals to you. SNIPPETS are really really important, I want to do a whole post on that later.

Always Be Pliable

Always Be Pliable

#19 Always be Pliable

Adapting to changing circumstances, not being rigid, not sticking to rigid idea, be Pliable. The game your playing in will and does change often, you need to adapt to and exploit these changing circumstances. Be adaptable, pliable, flexible, this makes you much more able to succeed. Drop ideas that don’t work, try new ones. Also it’s a different ballgame having 500 followers than it is with 5000, and then again different ballgame at 50000. So you need to adapt and change to suit where you currently are.

A big for instance is that recently added Google+ in Publicize. For those of you who don’t know about Google+ authorship, well it’s possible to get your photo right there on the Google results. This is massive, huge, if you haven’t done it, create you Google+ account and set it up on your blog or website. I’d want to do a post on this later, as Google+ is really important.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Powerful - Wizard of Oz - The Great and Powerful

Always Be Powerful – Wizard of Oz – The Great and Powerful

#20 Always be Powerful

You may not always realise but your words and what you do on your blog or website have an impact on other people. You can literally change people’s lives with what you say and do. So word your content powerfully, make your graphics bold and say things clearly and forcefully. Obviously temper that with wisdom, overly arrogant isn’t necessarily very attractive or powerful, might be more the words of a tyrant, so don’t be afraid to soften where appropriate. As you become more and more successful, your words and deeds get amplified, more people read and more people are influenced. Be powerful in your words and deeds. Be firm and straightforward. But don’t be a tyrant.

Most people know the story of the Wizard of Oz. He didn’t think he was very powerful, but turned out he was a lot more powerful than he thought. Great movie, watch it.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Peaceful

Always Be Peaceful

#21 Always be Peaceful

Sounds like a contradiction to some of the other “Always Be…” rules. Sometime it is or can be.

What I mean is that rest, relaxation, time to just “be”, time for your friends, family and loved ones, is AS, if not more important than your promoting/working time. Use these times of PEACE to relax, meditate, ponder, strategise, build ideas and use your imagination to help you towards your goal of that internet success that you want. Also you will make mistakes, get tired, bored and have other commitments that will mean that you can’t “Always Be …”. Deal with these interruptions with the same passion and enthusiasm, you’ll find that they become less of a difficulty and just well, life that happens along the way.

If you can always try to get back to being peaceful inside, you will work better and more effectively, have more energy and enthusiasm.

DonCharisma, Don Charisma, Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared

#22 Always be Prepared

This is the Scouts motto I believe.

Plan, strategise, think what’s coming up next, prepare for it, get ready for what’s next. Read about it, talk to your friends that are doing similar things. So you’ve written a bunch of content, 30 articles, don’t dump them all out there in one go, schedule your posts so your readers have time to take them in, one per day, week or whatever schedule you think best. Get ahead with your content if you can, as this takes the pressure off. You’ll make better content when you’re not under pressure. Be ready for people to give critical advice, and be ready to either ignore it or factor it in or learn from it. Be ready, think about what might be ahead, prepare for contingencies, take backup of your blog.

People who prepare are ready when a challenge arises, people who don’t often just get knocked over or blown out. Succeeding at promoting your blog or website will take planning and preparation.


My ethos on promotion is simple, ALWAYS BE PROMOTING. The elements of this I’ve listed as the 22 “Always Be P…” ABP rules. Use these to guide you in all you do with your website or blog. They form my basic Ethos, mindset, paradigm or whatever you want to call it. They are a major part of (the secrets of) how I’m successful at what I’m doing.

OTHER PEOPLE CHARGE FOR THIS INFORMATION, so be grateful it’s here and I’m giving it for free, share my stuff, reblog it, tell your friends about my blog, tweet about me, facebook about me, help me promote myself. There’s more to come much much more, and all of those encouraging tweets, shares, reblogs really do drive me to do more for people reading my blogs.

Thankyou for reading:)


This is part two, the next part of this series will likely be about brands and domain naming. After that I’d like to write about snippets and Goolge+. So please do keep reading my blog, tell your friends about it, share my stuff (sorry I promote hard, said this already before !). Obviously if you see things in your inbox that aren’t for you then ignore and wait until you see something you do like, it will come I promise.

Resources & Sources

Original images courtesy Google Images, from THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.

DAILY BLOGS, YEA or NAY . What are your thoughts? . Blogging Tips .

POSTING a DAILY BLOG … ‘Yea‘ or ‘Nay’? 

The thought of having to post a blog EVERY DAY is a stressor for me, big time!!! I enjoy blogging. I love creating, sharing thoughts, stories and art, but the thought of HAVING TO do it daily, is unthinkable to me.

Part of the issue is the guilt I feel when I do not ‘follow’ every person who follows me. I get that support is important, but how in the name of all that is good, can I possibly READ the posts of 300+ followers who I appreciate tremendously? How do other bloggers with thousands of followers really follow all of them?

And another thought … who wants to see blogs arriving in their mailboxes daily from me? I prefer to attempt to catch the interest of my readers some of the time, than all of my readers none of the time. Less may indeed be more.

Are you ‘Yea’ or ‘Nay’ on the question of posting a daily blog?????                                                  I would love to see your feedback!

Following are some re-blogged tips to help, if YOU want to blog daily  …….

The Art and Craft of Blogging

30 Days, 30 Posts: NaBloPoMo is here!

by michelle w.

There’s a lot of buzz each November around NaNoWriMo — you may notice some of your favorite blogs dedicating themselves to churning out 50,000 words this month. If 50,000 words seem like 49,000 too many or you’re more interested in blogging than writing a book, NaBloPoMo — National Blog Posting Month — might be your speed: […]

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by michelle w. on October 19, 2013.

When you begin blogging, losing an hour of sleep to perfect a post or skipping lunch to spend time commenting is a pleasure. Post ideas come thick and fast. And more published posts mean pageviews and readers, so publishing more is better, right?

Sure… until it’s not. Until work starts piling up. Or you get sick. Or a friend is in from out of town. Or you have to bake three dozen cupcakes for Sally’s class — by tomorrow. Sometimes, we all get trapped under a beam in the burning barn (metaphorically) and can’t get to the computer. When that happens, how do you find time to blog without turning your creative outlet into just another obligation?

The barn thing was figurative. If this is a reality for you, we respectfully suggest that  you have bigger fish to fry, and it's totally fine to take blog break. Also, please call 911.

The barn thing was figurative. If your barn IS on fire, it’s totally fine to take a blog break. Also, please call 911.


Feeling guilty about blogging never helped anyone write a compelling post. If it’s getting tough to fit your ideal blogging schedule into a newly busy life, go easy on yourself; we all have ebbs and flows.

You can take a break without starting from scratch upon your return. Give your readers a heads-up, and give yourself permission to take time off before your blog becomes another stressor. Turning your blog into an obligation puts you on the fast track to killing the fun.


When you started blogging, your personal goal was two long, substantive posts a week. But you didn’t realize how much fun interacting with other bloggers would be. You got infatuated with CSS tinkering. Life dropped another project in your lap. Whatever the reason, those two posts aren’t happening.

And you know what? That’s fine. While it’s true that regular publishing helps establish a blog and retain a readership, “regular” can mean lots of things: daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. Trying to enforce a publishing frequency that doesn’t fit your life leads to a tumbleweed-strewn blog. Take a realistic look at the time you can devote to blogging, and use that to set your expectations. Don’t set yourself up to fail! You wouldn’t do that to kids or dogs, so don’t do it to yourself.


A little structure can help make blogging more manageable.  Combining a regular feature with other posts takes some of the publishing pressure off — especially if the feature is less time-intensive, like a photo post or link roundup.

Plus, regularly scheduled features are great for keeping readers coming back again and again, and no blogger ever turned down repeat visitors!


Even if you don’t want to run regular features, an editorial calendar allows you to take control of your publishing schedule and time — and luckily for you, we just told you all about them! Since you create the calendar, it can be as flexible as it needs to be. Take your schedule into account and plan quicker, less intense posts for busy weeks.


We put out a call on Twitter asking how you find time to blog, and this was the first response:

Adding “blog time” to your calendar is a simple way to carve out space for blogging, as long as you honor that time — otherwise, re-scheduling your missed blog appointment just becomes another source of stress.

Blog time needn’t be a big chunk of your free time; ten or fifteen minutes is a great, doable place to start. As our erstwhile commenter put it:


You don’t have to be at your computer or connected to the internet to blog. Keep a sticky note open on your computer desktop while at work or doing other things, and sock away a few sentences or post ideas when the mood strikes. Download the WordPress mobile app and draft posts while you’re on the subway or in line at the post office (or publish short posts or photos while you’re out and about).

Heck, go totally analog and keep an actual sticky note on your desk to jot down ideas — anything that helps the words flow once you have an internet connection.


You don’t have to pen a perfectly publishable post every time you sit down at the computer, and you shouldn’t let that fallacy —  ”Oh, I don’t have time to finish a post now, so I’ll just wait until later” — keep you away from the keyboard. Drafts and posts-in-progress are your friends.

At a conference several years ago, popular food blogger David Lebovitz admitted that he had 40 active drafts sitting in his dashboard at any given time. You don’t have to be an overachiever like David, but drafts are a useful tool. Have an idea but no time to write? Start a draft. Have another one? Start another draft. You can either take your daily blogging time to work on them until you’re ready to publish, or use them as a head start when you have a bigger block of time for writing (plus, you’ll have a variety of topics to choose from, and can pick the one that moves you).


Not this easy. Some things are TOO easy.


If you haven’t been able to post in a while and it’s getting to you, try a lower-effort piece to keep the conversation going and buy yourself some time. Link roundups, reblogs (with your own commentary), or a post highlighting another blogger you love can bridge the gap between other pieces. As long as you’re true to your voice and point of view and offer your own take, these can be just as substantive as wholly original content.

Anyone who tries to use blogging as a get-rich-quick scheme will be sorely disappointed: building a good blog and attracting a community takes consistent time and effort, and there’s no magic formula where publishing every day leads to overnight success.

While viral lightening does sometimes strike, blogging truly is a “slow and steady wins the race” endeavor. Use these tricks to find the balance between carving out time to create and turning your blog into a job, and set yourself up for success in the long haul.

If you’ve got any tricks for making time to blog, we’d all love to hear ‘em!


Social Media -The Etiquette of ‘Follow’ . ReBlog Excerpt -‘Bent Out of Shape’

Social Media – The Etiquette of ‘Follow’ on Blogs & Twitter

Puzzled too!
Puzzled too!
As a relatively new blogger and twitterer, I have felt the pressure to ‘follow’ everyone who ‘follows’ me, and I am somewhat confused by constant urges to support other writers. I fully agree with the support concept – hell, I need and very much appreciate support and a bit of adulation. But it goes against the grain to automatically click the little ‘follow’ button of everyone who ‘follows’ me. I sometimes see a ‘follow’ seconds after I have posted and realize that person could not have had time to read my new post. Some of my new followers have blatant commercial blogs reaching out for my business.
One blogger actually wrote me to say she would unfollow me if I did not follow her. What is that!!!???  
And, as a side bar, as a relative Twitter novice, I do not know how to respond with thanks to all the new followers I receive daily. Again, I am so appreciative, but with my writing, art, community involvement & responsibilities, and my large family, I don’t seem to find the time to write ‘Thanks for following’ to each. I feel so guilty.
I AM thankful that some of you out there in the enormity of the www have actually found me. And I hope my followers read, and even enjoy, some of my posts. I was beginning to feel alone in my concern about all the niceties of this world of Social Media , but then I read Stephanie Ryan’s blog this morning and have reblogged an excerpt. Stephanie has a way with words  …  

Through Stephanie’s Eyes . a look into the world of author Stephanie Ryan

“The Quiet One Speaks Out #BRAVE #MyWANA” (excerpt). Sunday, September 29, 2013 .

“I’ve been involved in several author support groups and have to say most of them are okay. Some folks actually do support other members while there are those, more than a few really who just take all the group has to offer with little or no reciprocation. Whatever. I’m not going to get all bent out of shape if all of my tweets with a specific hashtag aren’t retweeted. Geez! I’ve got bigger fish to fry and so do the rest of the people in that group. We all have to WRITE.

When did it all become about the number of twitter followers, likes on Facebook, followers on blogs and reviewing each other’s work?  What happened to the WRITING??? With all the fancy “time-saving” tools out there now, authors are supposed to be able to tweet and update Facebook posts in advance by scheduling them to go off at specific times around the clock. Not only that, but many groups expect you to share every single post the other members make every single day. How do they do that? They set up the “shares” to go out at specific intervals, be it every 15, 20 or 30 minutes…around the clock.

Ummmm…that sounds a hell of a lot like commercials to me.  What do we all do with commercials on television? We tune them out or fast forward through them to get to “the good parts.”

Well what happens when you fast forward through all the promo only to find…nothing. Not one thing the author posts is personal or in any way social. There is no engaging with others on Twitter and Facebook. “I don’t have the time. I have to schedule my tweets for tomorrow and make sure I have the next posts in Triberr edited and shared to go out too. Oh and of course I have to set up all my direct messages with the thank you and please go like all my pages right now messages.”

Stephanie’s blog:

Weigh in on this issue please. I would love to hear you thoughts.

And to my Canadian readers, I am sending you wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, whether you are spending it with family, or taking in ‘Gravity’ with George Cloony and Sandra Bullock. Whatever you do, I hope you, like me, can find much to be thankful for in your life.

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