‘Hello!’ FRESH NEW LOOK for Spring .

'Hello!' Geranium Pink - Ink & Watercolour
‘Hello!’ Geranium Pink – Ink & Watercolour

I want to introduce you to my fresh new updated blog. I hope you will find it a calm refuge in the midst of life’s turmoil. I thought my saucy, perky geranium sketch was just the image to convey the first day of Spring, 2014.

This format should be easier to navigate. My Menu’s various ‘categories’ are clearly displayed across the top of each page, as well as on the right sidebar. So, you have two places to get to the sections you want to experience.

I hope you enjoy the art (mostly mine, but a few others) and my poems. Pour a glass of wine and hunker down to read my perspective on life in general and my life in particular (DECADES). Or, delve into what child-birth and illegitimacy were like at the beginning of the last century (GOOD BLOOD).

And please, don’t hesitate to ‘follow’, ‘like’ or comment. Thanks for visiting.




2 thoughts on “‘Hello!’ FRESH NEW LOOK for Spring .

    1. Thank you so much Carol, for taking the time to check out my blog, for your ‘follow’ and for your comment (Glad you like my perky geranium). Generous of you and so much appreciated!

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