Hearing this gave me a whopping-big ‘light bulb moment’.šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’”

I am committed to bringing myself back to some semblance of health. This Monday, week #2 of my new life focus, I went for my weigh-in, confident I would be bamboozled with triumph. After all, in week #1, I lost 4 pounds. Since then I have been positive, tracking religiously, keeping my ‘eating and recipe diary’, drinking and outputting water every two hours, and eating only 900-1200 cal per day. All that without feeling hungry or craving.

And, I lost only one miserable pound.

I was emotionally crushed, even tho’ intellectually, I knew I shouldn’t be. But I could not ‘buck up’. Instead, I ate a container of Helluva Dip, dill flavour (yum) with sticks of celery, crawled into bed with my iPad and played Solitaire for nearly two hours.

I realized this is not a ‘diet’ I am on. Rather, it is – what do they say now, “a lifestyle change’. But that lofty term does not accurately portray the concept of weight loss and what the challenge really is.

I mentioned to my husband, Greg, my pitiful but entirely natural bout of depression the previous day.

Greg replied that, since his recentĀ knee replacement, “despite working my butt off, some days I feel like crap – my recovery, like your weight loss, is not linear, even tho’ my exercise regime is”.

That is when lightning struckāš”ļø! Ā Developing my new food prep, food plan and attitude is neither a lifestyle change nor a diet.

No! What it really is, isĀ ‘Rehabilitation & Recovery’ from my 3 decades of over-eating. And to expect my R&R to go smoothly every day or every week is unrealistic.

OK! That I get! As a registered nurse (retired), I can relate to that. I can finally see my next months for what they really are – REHABILITATION – with ups & downs, success and failure, happy and sad, just like all of life.

I will take this new vision with me to my weekly weigh-ins, hopefullyĀ diverting a sulk, despair or depression when the scale is not saying what I hoped for or expected .

Weight loss is not linear! Nor is rehabilitation and recovery, from any illness, trauma, surgery. Nor, indeed, is any of our life-journey linear.

So, I tell myself, “This is my rehabilitation! You go girl!Ā Remember: water, protein, vegetables.”

Dinner . Water, Chicken salad + yogurt (not mayo)



šŸ¤— I’ve got this! šŸ‘