Creative Juices . quilting . sewing . knitting .

So, I have been sewing a little, and quilting, and knitting (a very little) and most recently have been hooked on practising lettering – modern calligraphy. My creative juices are all over the place at the moment. But I love the excitement of waking with design ideas rolling around in my head. That is what I have been missing for a year or more.

I love waking, making a coffee, and hurrying to create. It is exhilarating.Sweetie loves her toy sleeping bag

Sweetie loves her ‘toy sleeping bag’

This is all a huge change from watercolour painting, which I will return to eventually, but fresh creative motivation is what I seem to crave now. I tackled quilting and sewing projects for each of our five children and their families …

Andrew's Hudson Bay patterned table runner

above ~ Andrew’s Hudson Bay patterned table runner

Carrie's quilted Boho table runner Carrie's table runner

above ~ Carrie’s quilted BoHo table runner

Greg's Cycling table runner in greys
Greg’s Cycling table runner in greys

Jo's table runner

above ~ Jo’s quilted table runner

Some of my quilting is a little wonky as I am a novice, but loving it!

Steph's decorative linen pillow cases

Steph’s decorative linen pillow cases

Hahaha - my knitting group friends untangling my wool yarn for my afghan (lower right).
Hahaha – my knitting group friends untangling my wool yarn for my afghan (lower right).

Sew, that is what I have been up to the past months. I am finding that, for me, choosing colour and pattern is the most difficult part of these projects. More about that next time.

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From Inknpetals

Soon Available …


new selection of notecards

from original watercolours


Linda Paupst

available February, 2015

Neon Poppy

Poppy, Neon

Version 2

Raspberry Sorbet  (Poppy, Pink)

My Poppy1_0579

 Poppy, Orange 


Magnolia, White


Magnolia, Pink


Magnolia Branch, Fuchsia




SAILBOATS, Armstrong Beach, Trout Lake, North Bay

Dr. Seuss's Garden

Doodley Do – Dr. Seuss’s Garden


“Your Life Is This Moment …”

Doodley Do Garden Wall

Doodley Do – Garden Wall

Doodley Do, pink

Doodley Do – Pink


Friendship  (cyclamen)

Hibiscus 2

Hibiscus – 2



Darleen’s Tulips

. . .

Inknpetals notcards, Back View

                                                           Back of Each Notecard                                                                                                                      Size – 4.5” x 5” with white envelopes.


$3.50 each

$3.00 each for 10 or more

To Order, contact:

Linda Paupst at INKNPETALS:

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South Georgian Bay Watercolour Artist                                                                                  Linda Robertson Paupst

Linda’s ink and watercolour paintings have a stylized look which compliments traditional or contemporary settings.

Colourful florals predominate. This is a natural extension of Linda’s roots in North Bay Ontario where she grew up in her family’s greenhouses, florist and garden centre.

Linda’s paintings have been described as:

* ”Beautifully & elegantly drawn.”
* ”Sensitive work. You capture the spirit of the flowers.”
* ”Refreshing, inspiring, moving.”
* ”You capture the strength, beauty & fragility of flowers – here today, gone tomorrow.”
* ”You have such colour, form, movement”

. . .


Images are not to be copied in any format without express permission of the artist.

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Mother’s Day . May 10, 2015

You haven’t heard from me on Inknpetals for several months. I just didn’t have anything to say.

My creative juices were dried up. I was in transition, in a funk, in limbo, but open to inspiration, waiting for a new passion to take over my thoughts, my dreams. In the meantime, I kept our public library in business, knowing that the funk will pass. It always does – you know: ebb and flow, up and down, sunshine always follows the rain …..

But that limbo phase is uncomfortable. You know – the first few months of being an empty nester, or retiree, or your partner retires or leaves, or when you no longer enjoy what you have spent your time doing, or whatever.

When that happens, I find it best to wait it out. Wait until you are inspired to re-create yourself, find new purpose, new passion. Give it time to evolve or for a spark to ignite your imagination..

Then, when flutters of excitement unexpectedly appear – grab on to that seed of creativity that is germinating in the nether regions of your consciousness. Never ignore the little sparks. Follow up. When nurtured, the seed of an idea sprouts leaves and more branches, often resulting in a new venture, a new skill or hobby that may bring enormous joy, satisfaction & a sense of accomplishment.

Talk about mixed metaphors ! But my point is –

Seize the moment. That is what I did recently and I am definitely out of my funk.

In a day or so I will post what it is that has my juices flowing again. Just maybe you too will be inspired to tackle something new, something that will rejuvenate .

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all mom readers.

Cheers, until next time …


Duffy sitting on a snow bank, March 1, 2014
Duffy sitting on a snow bank, March 1, 2014

I took Duffy for a walk this morn. The snow banks are melting and receding. The wind is howling from the shores of Georgian Bay only two short blocks away and as I looked up at a fir tree beside me, a Haiku poem began swirling like the wind. Creativity comes from the most unlikely sources.

Stately evergreens 

Bowing like ballet dancers

In the strong March winds.

Enjoy your day. Spring is on the way.


‘The MEANING of HOME’ . Memoir . Now & Then .


It has been a year and a half in our new home, in a new community, and we still love it here in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. This lovely, lake-front town on the southern shore or Georgian Bay feels like home.

Coco meets new friends on our Autumn 2013 walk on the beach.
Coco meets new friends on our Autumn 2013 walk on the beach.

It is reminiscent of my childhood in North Bay, a three to four hour drive north. North Bay was a small city of about 20,000 when I was growing up, but the beauty lay in its situation between two bodies of water, Lake Nippissing and Trout Lake.

My children enjoying Cottage Life with Grandma & Grandpa Robertson, Trout Lake, North Bay Ontario
My children enjoying Cottage visits with Grandma & Grandpa Robertson, Trout Lake, North Bay Ontario – 1970’s & 1980’s.    ABOVE – Carrie & Andrew watch the sailboat races.    BELOW – Andrew, Stephanie, Joanna & Greg Jr. help Grandpa dry dock the ‘Lady Evelyn’.  

Robertson1985 Andrew,Greg,Steph,Jo c LadyEvelyn


BOTTOM – We are gathered around ‘The Robertson’s’ sign made by my brother, Steve. L-R Steph, Dad, Andrew behind, Mom, me, Greg Jr, Jo, my brother Greg (yup! – 3 Greg’s in the family). Carrie is missing from last 2 photos  – she was working at Clevelands House in the Muskokas that summer.

All our 40 years in Waterloo Ontario, where my husband Greg and I settled and raised our family, I never felt at home – that is … I felt at home in my homes, but not in the community. Does that make sense? And it was a lovely community, clean, tidy, progressive with two universities, but it was land locked. It did not feel like home to me. And I didn’t even realize it until we moved here, to Wasaga Beach in 2012.

Beautiful Wasaga Beach 2013
Above & below ….. Beautiful Wasaga Beach 2013

WB 2013

I knew I had missed water. My soul yearned for a lake or river or a boardwalk along water. I knew that. I knew I felt restless. Looking back, I think that is one reason I initiated change –  we moved throughout Waterloo Region every 5 to 12 years. But, until we moved here on the South Shore of Georgian Bay, I didn’t realize the need was so fundamental. Sounds as though I was sad, but I wasn’t. There was a longing though.

We enjoyed raising our family in Kitchener-Waterloo. We had lovely homes and lived our lives full of happy and the inevitable miserable times promised us in life …

Happy Family Times
Above – One of our homes in the 1990’s.          Below – Happy Family Times …

Paupst - Fab Five, 40thAnniversary June 6

PAUPST - 2010 Family Hike Beaches, Easter,

Paupst - 08, Apr 20 - All of Us Chatting2

L&G's GRANDS, Oct 2004_2

Our nine adorable Grandchildren 2004 

We have enjoyed lifelong friendships …  a few, really good friends, who stuck with us through all our joys and frailties …

'The Girls' Feb 20, 2011 … & 'The Guys' will be inserted when I can locate it! !#*%
LIFELONG FRIENDS & FAMILY – ‘The Girls’ Feb 20, 2011              & below – ‘The Guys …
The Boyz … at Greg Sr's big 70 Birthday
The Boyz … at Greg Sr’s big 70 Birthday
Barb in Collingwood, Ontario – Friend since High School, grade 10


Nursing friends for 51 years – Gerda, Jan, Ellie, Sue & me.

Greg and I are both homebodies who love home more than anywhere in the world, but we also love to visit, party and enjoy our family and friends.

However, in my case, it is the solitude that has allowed me to publish four genealogy volumes over the years while raising five children, working part-time, enjoying needlepoint, crewel work, art; moving too many times; and being involved in community organizations.

Solitude allowed creativity to prosper - my "Lineages & Memoirs - Genealogies For My Children & Theirs" Volumes I - IV
Solitude allowed creativity to prosper – my “Lineages & Memoirs – Genealogies For My Children & Theirs” Volumes I – IV

So, here we are, full circle for me, back to a home near the water I love. You know, from inside my home on a windy day (with windows open), I can hear the waves crashing against the shore. On a Saturday summer night, I can hear the music wafting through the air, the couple of blocks from the beach to our home.

What I have learned is that home is really important. And even more so … if you are fortunate (as I realize I am), the people who fill your life can enrich it immeasurably.

Joanna&I sitting in the Grand

One of life’s perfect days!   Joanna & I

Family 2006 on LongfellowThe loves of my life- Carrie, Greg Sr, Stephanie, me, Joanna, Andrew & Greg Jr front. They are my home  my joy. Each is a ‘good’ person, socially responsible, industrious, committed to family, proud, fun loving. How lucky am I!

Greg and I on a family hike on the Niagara Escarpment, Grimsby, Ontario. I was goosed by that cane more than once!!!
Greg and I on a family hike on the Niagara Escarpment, Grimsby, Ontario. I was goosed by that cane more than once!!!

My heart and home are where my family and friends are.


On ‘MEMOIR’ as a Genre . ‘DECADES’ . Preface .



‘DECADES’ is my Memoir, my Journal

I believe we are all the same. We share love, hate, loneliness, frustration, despair, anger, ambition, creativity, life’s ups and downs; and a need to be a part of something more than ourselves.

The difference is in the variables … time and place; extent of each person’s need; their choice of belief system; their environment, genes, and their ability to be open to their place in the world; their choice to love .. or not, to be happy .. or not.

It is those variables that create our individuality. And it is that individuality, when written of, makes a good read.

DECADES’ is my memoir, a compilation of stories and essays which document my experiences, growth and feelings through the years and decades of my life.

Some facts are difficult to share, so when I read Sandra Danby’s blog today, it struck a chord. It was relevant.

Sandra Danby and Rachel Cusp (whom Sandra quotes below) validate the creative process of writing a memoir, and the sharing of intimacies.



Sandra Danby (sandradan1) wrote:

I agree with Rachel Cusk who said….

“It takes a particular kind of courage to write memoir. All writing – all creativity – involves self-exposure, but in memoir the exposure is twofold. The self is both subject and author, and as authors we are duty-bound to treat our subjects with the greatest possible objectivity. Is it possible, or even desirable, to be truly objective about oneself? And what value does that objectivity, if achieved, have for the reader?”

Rachel Cusk at

Sandra Denby continues: “I’ve always been too intimidated to attempt memoir, though I have used my experiences in my fiction particularly for setting. But I do agree that all creativity must involve self-exposure, or be weaker for the omission. Surely in order to write, we have to be self-aware and with that self-awareness comes objectivity?”

So, I ask those of you reading my memoir ‘DECADES’, to consider Sandra’s comments, in particular:         

” … all creativity must involve self-exposure, or be weaker for the omission.”