“She wakes up each morning feeling like she has nothing to do. No routine. No purpose.”

Lisa Genova:   ‘Love Anthony’

I read these words this morning and thought, that is exactly ME. That is me when I wake without that feeling of excitement about hurrying to a sewing, writing or art project, or without an appointment, or wanting to return to a novel that is drawing me with the power of the tide.

I do enjoy sitting, apparently doing nothing, but my mind has to be engaged in creative thought for me to relax.

I keep a pile of six to eight library books on hand to alleviate the desolate feeling of nothing-to-do. Mind you, there is always housework or organizing a closet or room, but at this stage of my life – been there, done that.

Our journey thro this life is tumultuous with its constant ups and downs, its real or imagined slights. We all barter, in one way or another, to maintain a relatively consistent feeling of well being.

I thrive on passion – for opportunity, creativity, my family.

The alternative to feeling purposeful is, for me, depression. So, in order to ward off that monster, I always have a multitude of projects on the go.

Early in my marriage, it was one project only – needlework. Then I needed a new interest and, for a few decades, it was researching and publishing our genealogy. With that completed, I felt lost, until my creative juices latched onto sketching with pen and painting in watercolour. Florals are my thing.

Gradually, after several years, I began to feel I had said all I could in that media. My search was on for new artistic horizons.

I don’t know if it is because I am now in my early 70’s, but I now seem to flit from one project to another. Whatever it is, I am artistically all over the place – a true jack of all trades, master of none.

But there is nothing as satisfying and addictive as waking to a passionate urge to create.

That is what keeps my juices flowing and keeps me loving my life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Creative Juices . quilting . sewing . knitting .

So, I have been sewing a little, and quilting, and knitting (a very little) and most recently have been hooked on practising lettering – modern calligraphy. My creative juices are all over the place at the moment. But I love the excitement of waking with design ideas rolling around in my head. That is what I have been missing for a year or more.

I love waking, making a coffee, and hurrying to create. It is exhilarating.Sweetie loves her toy sleeping bag

Sweetie loves her ‘toy sleeping bag’

This is all a huge change from watercolour painting, which I will return to eventually, but fresh creative motivation is what I seem to crave now. I tackled quilting and sewing projects for each of our five children and their families …

Andrew's Hudson Bay patterned table runner

above ~ Andrew’s Hudson Bay patterned table runner

Carrie's quilted Boho table runner Carrie's table runner

above ~ Carrie’s quilted BoHo table runner

Greg's Cycling table runner in greys
Greg’s Cycling table runner in greys

Jo's table runner

above ~ Jo’s quilted table runner

Some of my quilting is a little wonky as I am a novice, but loving it!

Steph's decorative linen pillow cases

Steph’s decorative linen pillow cases

Hahaha - my knitting group friends untangling my wool yarn for my afghan (lower right).
Hahaha – my knitting group friends untangling my wool yarn for my afghan (lower right).

Sew, that is what I have been up to the past months. I am finding that, for me, choosing colour and pattern is the most difficult part of these projects. More about that next time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


I have been on a knitting binge for the past few months. Earlier I showed the afghan I made for my son, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law and their new baby girl Everly (see “All Things New” post Oct.30, 2014). Since then, I have been busily working with exquisite natural, undyed fleece from Italy – a super chunky yarn that I have worked into five decorator pillows.  They were Christmas presents for our five fabulous children.

My Knitted Pillows with Borgo de Pazzi 100% wool - untreated, natural sheep fleece.

My Knitted Pillows with Borgo de Pazzi 100% wool – untreated, natural sheep fleece.

This wool is beautiful to work with. Everyone appeared happy with their gifts.

Now I am allowing the mental wheels to begin turning so new projects will result. A few ideas are percolating – such is the creative process.

Happy 2015 to each of you who follows my blog. Thank you for your past support and please continue to check in and leave a comment or two, so I know I am not just posting for moi.

Enjoy and all the best!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I am embracing newness, surrounded by newness:  new words on the page; new lush wool for anticipated, new, knitting projects; new voice messages on the phone providing my laugh of the day;  new life – that of Everly – enjoying her first two wonderful weeks in this, her wonderful, new, world.

New Words on the Page

– Thoughts of novelist Louise Penny in “The Beautiful Mystery” …

“Balance … Equilibre.  Yin and yang.  Heaven and Hell. …                         Opposites.  Providing balance.”

New, Lush Wool

New Lush Wool for New Projects
New Lush Wool for New Projects

 New Phone Messages to Lend Laughter to our Day

Marty always leaves messages in his myriad of strange voices that brighten our day. I love our friends who have a live their lives enjoying the light, the fun, and laughter, and who take the time to make us smile:

“Is this Gregory Popsicyle? …”

“Is this Poops, Papist, …..”

“Is this the Truman Capote Underwear Exchange? I do have some orders I would like to place. …”

Every new message is an original and bears love and a smile.

New Life . Enjoying the first Two Weeks in Her Wonderful New World

New Life in a New WorldNew Life in Her New World

New . renewal . rejuvinating . fresh . restorative . invigorating . new

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

ANTICIPATION OF A NEW LIFE (2) . Memoir – Journey Through My 70’s .

September 11, 2014 I wrote the first “Anticipation of a New Life” … about preparations for our newest grandchild – our tenth. This little sweetie is our first grandchild in more than 11 years, so we are very excited. Baby was due October 10, and of now, she has yet to make an appearance.

Biding time ...
Biding time …

 This is my ‘baby boy’, the youngest of our five children. He is so excited to be having his own child.

I completed a knitted throw for baby’s Mommy & Daddy when they are up in the wee hours and chilly. It is small, more a lap blanket, but Greg and Tiff saw it when it was near completion and seemed to love it, so I am happy.


Knitted Afghan for Baby De Groote Paupst, Her Mommy & Daddy
Knitted Afghan for our new Baby, Her Mommy & Daddy.

I love that baby’s Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Robertson are smiling down from the bedside table.

We are all excited, anxious to meet you little sweetheart and hug you. You are joining a large, happy, loving, exuberant family and you are already very much loved.





ANTICIPATION OF A NEW LIFE . Memoir ‘Decades’ Journey through my 70’s .

It has been awhile since I logged in to my Inknpetals blog and began to write. In part, this is because of a busy summer, now a thing of the past, but also because I have been mentally floating between many projects and thoughts of projects. But my friend Gerda’s call, the day before yesterday, inspired me to put fingers to keyboard today. She phoned to ask if all was well with me – she was concerned because of my lack of online activity lately.

I go in cycles, concentrating on one activity for awhile. Other times I have too many things on the go at once. When that happens, I shut down, curl up and read 8 mystery, detective, forensic novels in two weeks. (Yup – happened end of August!)

I have a new grand child about to be born in less than a month, so many thoughts revolve around the anticipation of this delicious event – our first babe in the family in more than 11 years … and Greg and my 10th grandchild.

I am working on her ancestral lineage – her family tree …

Baby's ancestral lineage, in progress. 10 generations in some lines. So EXCITING
Baby’s ancestral lineage, in progress. 10 generations in some lines. So EXCITING

– shopping for wee items to be opened at upcoming showers …

Gifts ready for our new babe
Gifts ready for our new babe, sitting on a chair that was her great-grandma’s

. fingering through memory-laden baby clothes from 38 to 45 years ago, that were worn by my babies, and some were knitted by my own Mom .                                   purchasing delicate, baby-friendly Ivory Snow to wash some of the treasures .                                                                                                                                                                                              . finding a friend who actually still irons so an exquisite dress of the finest ’embroidered lawn’ will brought back to its glorious potential.

Most responses to my query about who loves to iron, brought guffaws that could be loudly heard on the written, virtual page. I haven’t owned an iron for 20  years.

Sally has come through. I am dropping by next week, coffee in hand and ready for a chat while she irons the dainties.

Lawn baby dress and slip, 45-50 years old (from my Mom for my baby girls), before washing, ironing - ready for our new family member.
Exquisite Cotton Lawn baby dress and slip, 45-50 years old (from my Mom for my baby girls). Before washing, ironing        – to be ready for our newest wee female family member.

I have been yearning to knit a blanket for my newest grandchild. That entailed searching for my needles to see if I already have what I need. That quest, in turn, led to multiple bags of partially finished projects, wool bundles, patterns, knitting & crochet books …..

Knitting Projects Aplenty
Knitting Projects Aplenty

So what to do? I start a KNITTING & CROCHET group – you know – like-minded women who can support each other with glitches, laugh and have fun together. We had our first get-together yesterday. Sue, Wendy and Marion were unanimous in agreeing that I had to complete one or more projects before beginning another. So baby will have to wait for the trendy, chunky wool cover I envision creating in the softest grey, using ginormous needles.

In her blog, “More Quilt & Novel Nonsense”, Anna Scott Graham wrote: “In this rather techie world, aged pastimes are slipping from our consciousness. It’s easier to virtually do so much else, but what else is actually being accomplished?”

An idea to chomp on. I love any creative outlet – writing, painting (tho’ I have not been doing much of that of late), genealogy (love the sloothing), journaling, as well as additional sedentary pursuits like music and reading. I love a mixture of new, addictive technology and the tactile feel of bamboo needles and natural cotton, silk and wool skeins. I love walking my puppy, Duffy, on days like today when the roar of the waves from Georgian Bay, three blocks away, instilled their strength in me. I love to walk when my arthritic feet are calm, when the gentle drizzle blows against me and the few fallen leaves remind me that autumn has indeed begun.

So, Gerda, I am well. I am happy. I am accomplishing a bit and enjoying the strains of ‘The (Canadian) Tenors’ as I wrap this up. Enjoy your Spa in Italy, girl. Such a furcken hardship that will be 🙂 ! I wish.

Hugs to any and all who read this … Tell me what you are up to in your life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .