Mother’s Day . May 10, 2015

You haven’t heard from me on Inknpetals for several months. I just didn’t have anything to say.

My creative juices were dried up. I was in transition, in a funk, in limbo, but open to inspiration, waiting for a new passion to take over my thoughts, my dreams. In the meantime, I kept our public library in business, knowing that the funk will pass. It always does – you know: ebb and flow, up and down, sunshine always follows the rain …..

But that limbo phase is uncomfortable. You know – the first few months of being an empty nester, or retiree, or your partner retires or leaves, or when you no longer enjoy what you have spent your time doing, or whatever.

When that happens, I find it best to wait it out. Wait until you are inspired to re-create yourself, find new purpose, new passion. Give it time to evolve or for a spark to ignite your imagination..

Then, when flutters of excitement unexpectedly appear – grab on to that seed of creativity that is germinating in the nether regions of your consciousness. Never ignore the little sparks. Follow up. When nurtured, the seed of an idea sprouts leaves and more branches, often resulting in a new venture, a new skill or hobby that may bring enormous joy, satisfaction & a sense of accomplishment.

Talk about mixed metaphors ! But my point is –

Seize the moment. That is what I did recently and I am definitely out of my funk.

In a day or so I will post what it is that has my juices flowing again. Just maybe you too will be inspired to tackle something new, something that will rejuvenate .

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all mom readers.

Cheers, until next time …