COMMENTS FROM THE VOID (Not a Narcissist) . ‘Decades’ . My 60’s .

Magnolia – watercolour by LRP


This morning I read the following on another blog. I related on so many levels – my need to paint and write, then cautiously creating a blog to showcase all of it.  LRP

“We are talking about ourselves incessantly, albeit to no one in particular, posting pictures, tweeting and updating our status hoping someone notices and comments back from the void.

I replied to Anna: ‘I hear you, re:  ‘talking about ourselves incessantly ….. hoping someone notices and comments back from the void.” I am guilty as charged. But what is the alternative when you have cupboards full of your writing, and a room full of watercolours (both increasing in numbers daily), and no outlet for all that creativity?’

I do worry about the perception – needy, show-off, conceited, even desperate. And I don’t believe I have reached the extreme of becoming a narcissist. Actually, I am shy. I have to reach for inner fortitude to put myself out there, whether it is making new friends in my community or publishing online.”

(I can so relate – that is me.  LRP)

“And I simply need to write, need to paint. Like many others, I need an outlet for all that creativity. Most writers and artists don’t have a snowball’s chance in he#@ of becoming recognized, famous or wealthy. Blogging is a serendipitous way to achieve that.”

(Exactly why I began my blog.  LRP)

“So, friends, family, and strangers – enjoy my offerings. And thank you for logging in.”

(I could not have explained it better myself. Enjoy my offerings as well. Thank you readers and followers.  LRP)

And my apologies to the author of this piece – the author who replied to Anna Scott Graham’s post. I searched Anna’s blog without success to find your comment, written abt April 3, 2013. If you perchance see this – please let me know so I can credit your thought-provoking reply to Anna. Thank you.  LRP



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