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new selection of notecards

from original watercolours


Linda Paupst

available February, 2015

Neon Poppy

Poppy, Neon

Version 2

Raspberry Sorbet  (Poppy, Pink)

My Poppy1_0579

 Poppy, Orange 


Magnolia, White


Magnolia, Pink


Magnolia Branch, Fuchsia




SAILBOATS, Armstrong Beach, Trout Lake, North Bay

Dr. Seuss's Garden

Doodley Do – Dr. Seuss’s Garden


“Your Life Is This Moment …”

Doodley Do Garden Wall

Doodley Do – Garden Wall

Doodley Do, pink

Doodley Do – Pink


Friendship  (cyclamen)

Hibiscus 2

Hibiscus – 2



Darleen’s Tulips

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Inknpetals notcards, Back View

                                                           Back of Each Notecard                                                                                                                      Size – 4.5” x 5” with white envelopes.


$3.50 each

$3.00 each for 10 or more

To Order, contact:

Linda Paupst at INKNPETALS:

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South Georgian Bay Watercolour Artist                                                                                  Linda Robertson Paupst

Linda’s ink and watercolour paintings have a stylized look which compliments traditional or contemporary settings.

Colourful florals predominate. This is a natural extension of Linda’s roots in North Bay Ontario where she grew up in her family’s greenhouses, florist and garden centre.

Linda’s paintings have been described as:

* ”Beautifully & elegantly drawn.”
* ”Sensitive work. You capture the spirit of the flowers.”
* ”Refreshing, inspiring, moving.”
* ”You capture the strength, beauty & fragility of flowers – here today, gone tomorrow.”
* ”You have such colour, form, movement”

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Images are not to be copied in any format without express permission of the artist.

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BOOK A WORKSHOP – Make cards, gifts; Relax, Enjoy .

Book a Workshop this Fall!

This pursuit is relaxing, satisfying, fun, artistic. And, you will learn to make your own Christmas cards and gifts.

Below – “Dr.Seuss’ Garden”

Dr. Seuss's Garden‘Dr. Suess’s Garden’ 
Another zentangle - such a meditative, feel-good project
“Flowers for Everly”.   Another zendoodle – such a meditative, feel-good project

Did You Know ….

“Sketching and doodling improve comprehension and creative thinking.”
Sunni Brown:   on Ted Talks – ‘Doodlers Unite’;   Author – “Game Storming”

So, why not  do this for YOU!

Contact me –

Mixed Media Zentangle
Mixed Media Zentangle -Watercolour, ink, markers.

Zendoodle Experience . INKNPETALS: Retail, Workshops, Home Parties .

Fall is here and the flu has arrived with it.

The nasty flu bug reduced the particpants in a recent zendoodle workshop, but those present learned a new artistic interest  – a skill that allows us to focus, relax, create. Here are a few photos of our afternoon together …

Jean & Lenore creating their first Zentangles
Jean (left) & Lenore creating their first Zendoodles
Carol 'in-the-moment'. Some of my Zentangle instruction tools on the background.
Carol focused & ‘in-the-moment’! Some of my Zendoodle instruction tools in the background.
Carol, Lenore & Jean at the end of our 2 hour workshop.
Carol, Lenore & Jean at the end of our 2 hour workshop.

Some beautiful and interesting concepts created by these newbies. Carol commented that she loved the freedom, the looseness of Zendoodling.

She is excited about enjoying and practicing her new pursuit in the car on her upcoming trip to Florida. She thinks it will be a fun and productive way to wile away the travel hours.

Anyone else who is interested in hosting or being part of a Zendoodle workshop, please contact me through this blog, Facebook or Twitter.

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